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Michael Mol

Michael Mol is a medical doctor, an executive television producer, presenter, international speaker, business consultant, company director and, most notably, a husband and father of three.

He started his multi-faceted career as a medical doctor with interests in Emergency medicine and HIV management. Sixteen years ago, whilst continuing in the medical fraternity, he carried his charisma from the casualty room over to the small screen and anchored Top Billing, South Africa’s longest running prime time television magazine program for more than a decade. He has spoken to the stars, travelled the world and shared his experiences in a personal and endearing way with a captive audience, scooping up numerous critically acclaimed media awards along the way – from scriptwriting to presenting, the most recent of which being a People’s Award for the Best TV Presenter, the “Best of Award” for most popular
TV personality (twice) and two SAFTA nominations for The Dr Mol Show. A former Mr. South Africa, he is also a Red Cross Children’s Champion and a patron of SA Cares for Life, Living Hope and the Orbis Foundation. Michael's passion for understanding the world around him led him to co-founding the futurist consultancy TomorrowToday, helping individuals and organizations to better understand the way the world works, trends that will affect us in the future, and what to do today to be ready for tomorrow.

In particular, Michael has a passion for helping people find true significance and a holistic, balanced approach to the world they live in - through discovering their strengths, and founded the Revolution Group to do just that. He has spoken to leading companies around the world, has been nominated by South Africa’s foremost CEO’s as one of the country’s top business speakers, and was awarded a Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Speakers Association of South Africa in April 2011. In 2006, Michael was appointed as CEO of the Sportron International group of companies, a group focused on providing and promoting health and wellness, through ongoing education and the provision of a new generation of nutritional supplements (FoodState) that are as yet unsurpassed the world over.

In 2010, as anchor presenter, he helped launch SABC 3’s LIVE morning show Expresso. Then as Executive Producer and presenter he melded his passion for medicine and media and created a new TV series called “Hello Doctor” (later renamed “The Dr Mol Show”) which launched in April 2011 with a vision to educate, entertain and inspire South Africans to live their best life, by being the healthiest they can be. The show was watched by over a million people weekly and formed part of a bigger vision to create a platform for interactivity that not only educates a wide audience on prevention and health related issues - but one that gives every South African access to individualized health education, care and advice through direct and affordable access to doctors. It is a vision that is fast becoming reality through Hello Doctor (Pty) Ltd – a mobile healthcare company of which he is a director. He’s also a writer and speaker that suffers from an incurable addiction … an insatiable thirst for adrenalin! From sky-diving out of a hot-air balloon, to running the bulls in Pamplona, to scuba diving under an frozen lake, to wing walking on a bi-plane, to surfing the great Zambezi white waters on a body board, to flying to the edge of space in a Russian MIG and bungi jumping off the highest bridge in the world …backwards! There’s nothing that he would shrink back from – yet!
Michael Mol - Top Speaker

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Michael Mol