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Prof Andy Andrews

“Few firms can sustain superior performance - indeed, being given an award for exceptional performance is often the kiss of death. Most companies, after a short period of success, slide into mediocrity and often even failure.”

Our newspapers are filled with stories of corporate disaster - but, in almost every case the reason for failure, is that the basic principles of business have been ignored or even violated. These companies have all fallen into the same trap in that they have ignored the fundamentals! The forgotten fundamentals of those that determine shareholder value and provide a platform for growth and market dominance.

Professor Andy Andrews, holds a degree of BCOM., MBA., PHD. and has had a highly successful career as an entrepreneur and business manager. He is currently a professor at Henley Management College in the UK and is also a professor at IESE Business School in Barcelona, Spain. He has studied at the universities of Rhodes, Cape Town, Harvard and Stanford and under his leadership as Dean during the 1980's, Wits rose to be recognised as South Africa's leading business school.

He has, and still serves on several boards of directors, consults with major companies and teaches in the fields of finance and corporate strategy. He has published over 100 articles and academic and professional journals and has received several awards for academic and teaching excellence.

This talk will remind you of the rules of success that you neglect at your peril!
Based on research and illustrated by a real-life South African case study, the tell-tale signal of impending disaster will be highlighted and key drivers of success will be identified.

In 2005, two academics at Insead Business School published a book which was published by Harvard Business School and it became their bestselling book ever! They maintain that most companies are trapped in “red oceans” – their markets are full of blood! This is because the strategies of all the industry players have converged and the product offerings are imitated immediately and have become “commoditized”! Consequently, margins fall and value is destroyed!

The “Blue Ocean” theory espoused in the book and several articles in business journals including 7 in the Harvard Business Review (2 HBR articles attached), proposes a pathway to create “uncontested market space” through innovation.

Most companies are trapped in “Red Oceans” – so called because they are full of blood caused by intense, ferocious competition. These industries are overcrowded, strategies are imitated and converge resulting in commoditized offerings that suffer price warfare and declining margins!
How to avoid this battlefield? Create “blue oceans’ – uncontested market space producing super profits and speedy growth! To achieve these results you must offer customers a leap in value while reducing costs and leave competitors scrambling to catch up!

Andy Andrews has the rights to Blue Ocean “technology” in South Africa and looks forward to working with a select number of firms to take them on an “innovation journey” to create “uncontested market space” using a consulting process. He holds the rights to the unique business simulation which challenges the client in an intensive 4-day process.

Using outstanding video and case examples, this presentation dramatically illustrates the process of “value innovation” and how the adoption of a “blue ocean” mindset can separate your company from the pack. The “Blue Ocean Strategy” process is not the typical vague call to action but is a precise, actionable approach to changing the way your company sees and creates opportunity. Stop swimming in “bloody waters” and head for” blue” waters!

What our clients say ...

"Andy Andrews was the star of our breakfast series. He kept our audience entertained while providing relevant content that business leaders can make use of. We will be using him again and can highly recommend his services!"
Monalisa Sibongile Zwambila, Managing Director, The Riverbed Agency
Prof Andy Andrews - Top Speaker

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Prof Andy Andrews