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Graeme Codrington

Dr Graeme Codrington is an expert on corporate talent and the future of work. Clients love his energetic style and unique insights into the world of work - especially his understanding of talented young employees and customers and how to connect with them.

His unique style combines multimedia and humour with thought leadership and quality research to present a powerful message that will provide both important insights into why the world of work is changing and immediate practical take home value for participants.

His focus is on helping people to connect with others. His insights have direct application in areas such as product development, marketing, and advertising to valuable customers, as well as attracting, retaining and motivating talented staff.

The breadth of his experience and research and his diverse academic and work background gives Graeme a unique perspective on the turbulent times we live in. He has five degrees from five different universities, in five different faculties, including commerce, arts, theology, and sociology. His doctorate is in Business Administration, with majors in leadership and future studies. Graeme's CV includes chartered accountancy at KPMG, IT boom entrepreneur, youth worker, consultant, professional musician, futurist, best-selling author and professional speaker.
Graeme Codrington - Top Speaker

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Graeme Codrington