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Alex Harris

Alex Harris is an athlete whose interests are varied and unique. He has been climbing mountains for two decades, and has led more than 20 expeditions to some of the furthest corners of the planet.

In 1996 Alex led his first expedition to Mount Everest. He has climbed the seven summits, the highest mountains on all seven continents, and has led expeditions to both the north and south side of Everest. He is also a multiple South African Track cycling champion and in 2006 won a silver medal at the World Masters Track cycling champs. In early 2007 Alex became the first African to walk unsupported to the South Pole, a journey that took 65 days and covered almost 1, 200kms.

In 2011 Alex won the 2011 Freedom Challenge Race Across South Africa in a record time of 12 days and 15 hours. The FC is arguably Africa’s hardest mountain bike race covering a distance of 2300kms, and traversing the high mountains between Pietermaritzburg and Paarl. It is also totally unsupported.

In June 2013, Alex came 3rd in the Tour Divide (TD). The TD is the world’s longest unsupported mountain bike race and the Grand Tour of mountain biking. Starting in Banff, Canada, it follows the Rocky Mountains for 4500kms down South across the US ending on the Mexican border.

What our clients say ...

"Showed us that we are much stronger than we think we are, both in body and in mind."

"Fabulous. In the theme of the conference and such challenging times to remember not to give in but to do what you need to do and to believe in the impossible, but to take and make great decisions with small steps without losing courage, and understanding that great is by wise and courageous choice. Great is there for everyone with the courage and effort and not reserved for only a few."

"I was sitting there watching him, looking at the video, watching him and freezing at the same time. I couldn't believe anyone would do what he did, but then again he had support, he had Sibu. It shows that when you have a good and strong support system, anything is possible."

"Wow!! An eye opener!"

"Mark my words, impossible should be scratched from all our dictionaries."

"Great story and true spirit for SA."

Various comments from Harcourts Real Estate Conference 2012

"What a wonderful and encouraging presentation. Our theme for the strategic workshop was “making the impossible possible”. Alex’s talk and presentation set a high standard for the days to follow, and we would constantly refer to clips of his speech and presentation. Alex comes highly recommended."
Ashley Walbrugh, HR Manager: Coal, Exxaro Resources

“Alex highlighted the drive to achieve your goal, but not at any cost.”
Deon Smit, Technical Director, SA Paper Chemicals

“Alex taught us to face our own Everest whatever it might be.”
Danie van Wyk, Independent Director, Balltron

“Awe inspiring. A very moving testimony of what courageous men and women can achieve.”
Stephen Selamolela, Finance and Admin, FNB

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Alex Harris