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Ian Thomas

A dynamic and inspiring presenter, one of Ian’s core beliefs is that people and especially business people can absorb and learn from the animal Kingdom.

Ian Thomas has a Bachelors degree in Business from the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, RSA. He then followed his calling and worked as a wildlife guide at Londoloi Game reserve in the Kruger Park. Here he gained a reputation as a tracker, specializing in finding lions. He attained the highest tracking and guiding qualification possible, that of "Scout", awarded to him by ‘The Field Guides Association of South Africa’. The award recognizes excellence in guiding in big game area, weapon handling, and tracking. He was the first person to achieve this distinction.

During his time as a guide he discovered that he had a talent for teaching, and story telling, which led to a career in public speaking. He has travelled internationally, and spoken extensively in Europe, Asia, the USA and Africa.

Sound business sense is interlaced with humour and an ability to tell stories. The audience leave enthralled and repeat the stories to friends and colleagues resulting in immense "take home" business value.

He has been a guest on radio and television discussing subjects such as team work, goals and how to minimize risk. Ian is a member of the National Speakers Association (USA) and he is recognized internationally as one of the world’s top motivators and keynote speakers. He is the author of a book, "The Power of the Pride."

What our clients say ...

"Ian is one of the best speakers I have had the pleasure of working with. He brings the subject of teamwork to life with his incredible in-deth experience and knowledge. His passion for his subject is contagious."
Monique Ross, Marketing Executive, Horwath Leveton Boner

"We thoroughly enjoyed Ian's presentation. The talk seemed so applicable to business and the opportunities and challenges that we all face. His enthusiasm and humour made it all the more special."
Andy van der Velde, MD, Berco Express

"You were hardly a few minutes into your talk when the "scepticism" disappeared completely and was replaced by sheer enjoyment. Well, I can assure you that your talk has become a "new household term" in our organization as for the duration of the breakaway reference was made especially to "going after Ian’s buffalo and not chasing warthogs" and not to mention the "bonding" comments that popped up all over in conversation. The poor buffalo has since represented all kinds of wild and wondrous concepts and inevitably the organization has been grouped into old and young lionesses, etc. An excellent "kick-off", given in an amusing and light-hearted manner again emphasize the importance of working together in order to achieve communal goals." Magda Marx, Corporate Secretary, National Research Foundation

"A riveting presentation that keeps the audience spell bound. Everyone has a fascination with these powerful members of the cat family, the Lion!!....
Barry Hundley, Executive Director, Pet Food Industry Association

"Very professional. Ian could have exceeded his allocated time tenfold and our delegates would have been non the wiser. His association between the business team and the teamwork displayed by the pride of lions was both thought provoking and relative to our business philosophy."
Howard Whitehead, Regional Manager, First National Bank

"Ian was fantastic. He spoke so conversationally and initially we thought his presentation may not be fully understood by the MoneyGram African Agents, we were concerned for nothing. They loved him – I have never known an hour to go so fast!"
Terry Sutherland, Terry Sutherland and Associates

"It was a truly entertaining experience and Ian kept the audience enthralled with his light-hearted approach to the presentation of the information about the daily ‘in’s and out’s’ of a typical pride of lions. The animated nature of his presentation on-stage and the little fun quips were enjoyed by one and all.
In between, Ian drew meaningful analogies between the Pride and the “Corporate Scenario”, so that the audience were left in no doubt about the reasons for success within a pride and the lessons that could be learnt from them.
He was a HUGE success and everybody present thoroughly enjoyed the session with him."
Louis von Copenhagen, Bathusi Baboni for Supa Quick Conference

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Ian Thomas