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Darren Davies

In a rapidly changing, unexplored and unknown post recession world, the ability to navigate the roadmap from your current state to a desired future state is essential.

For the past decade [and then some] Darren Davies has engaged in helping organizations develop their people to make the shifts needed in order to embrace a rapdidly changing world at work.

Darren is a sought after speaker, consultant and talent developer who has been involved in organisational development and human resource empowerment for the past 18 years, consulting extensively within the Corporate World, as well as for a variety of Non- Profit Organisations, both locally as well as internationally. He has undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in philosophy, as well as a Masters degree in Organisational Leadership.

Darren can regularly be found travelling on the pathways and in the fields of Leadership and Organizational Development, specifically in the areas of people development, sales force development and customer experience.

Born and bred in Gauteng, Darren is a Co-Founder of Integrity Blue Consulting, and currently holds the distinguished position of Question Asker.

Darren continues to speak, consult and train across a wide variety of industries and sectors, both locally and internationally and enjoys taking organizations and individuals there and back to see how far it is.

He partners with clients and potential customers to help them intellegently disrupt their thinking around an emerging new working context, and the potential implication of this emerging reality. As he continues to engage with clients as question asker, explorer, consultant, strategist and researcher, the majority of his work is delivered through presentations, training facilitations, organizational consulting and key note addresses.
Darren Davies - Top Speaker

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Darren Davies