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Steuart Pennington

In 2002 Steuart and his wife walked out of dinner party because the entire conversation was one of running the country and the continent down. He was angry that friends could spend an entire evening in negative conversation but he was much angrier with himself. He realised that he knew very little about the truth of the country or the continent he was living in. For example: the size of the SA economy in global terms; SA’s global competitiveness; the number of Government departments – those performing poorly and those performing well; the number of hospitals, clinics and schools in the country; what services had been delivered in the areas of housing, electricity and water and what was still outstanding; the SA crime statistics – getting worse or getting better?

He resolved the next day to write a book entitled “South Africa – the Good News”. Since then he has written eight books on South African and African related topics which have reached over 70 000 people. He has also delivered more than 450 talks on South Africa’s and Africa’s global competitiveness to more than 50 000 people.

His presentation, a combination of storytelling, video clips and facts and figures truly meets the criteria of being entertaining, memorable and relevant.

Steuart is co-editor and publisher of 9 books on South Africa and Africa, including “South Africa, the Good News”, “SA 2014 – the Story of our Future, and most recently “South Africa @ 20: For Better or for Worse”.

What our clients say ...

“Steuart gave 12 talks to our clients as part of our national annual road-show. His presentations inspired all who attended. It was truly and uplifting and mind shifting experience and an honour to listen to him. Korbitec will certainly look for opportunities to engage with him in the future. Thanks for what you have done for our industry Steuart and for what you are continue in doing for our country. We can once again appreciate our beautiful country and cherish the endless opportunities that lies within the boundaries of it”
Mari van Wyk, Korbitek

“Thanks again for presenting at our Annual Conference, I received rave reviews on your behalf, it was exactly what our audience needed to end the day off.”
Traci Freeman, BPeSA
Steuart Pennington - Top Speaker

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Steuart Pennington