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Gert Cruywagen

Jungle Risk Management – Risk Lessons from the African Bush
Ever think the saying “it’s a jungle out there” related to you and your organization? See if you can spot similarities during this fascinating – and amusing presentation. Jungle Risk Management - Risk lessons from the African Bush explains in an informative and humorous way how animals in the African bush manage their risks (or not) to avoid becoming prey. It then relates these risk strategies to modern day organizations.

Packed with fascinating facts about animals of the African bush, the book compares their behavior in the jungle to corporate strategies – both failures and successes. Award-winning risk manager, company director, speaker, author and wild-life enthusiast, Gert Cruywagen, will keep you entertained with facts, stories, case studies and anecdotes that are fascinating, informative and funny - illustrated with unique and colourful photographs. This is a new and different way to look at the management of risk!

Gert Cruywagen is the “Director of Risk” for the Tsogo Sun Group, Africa’s largest owner and operator of hotels and casinos. He is also a member of the King Committee on Corporate Governance. He was the convenor of the Risk Work Group of King 2 and of King 3; as such he was the principle author of the Chapter on “The Governance of Risk” of King 3.

Gert holds management and risk management qualifications from a number of local and international universities, including a PMD from UDW and a Ph.D. from UAS. He is a past Councillor of the Institute of Risk Management of South Africa (IRMSA), past President of the Risk Management Federation of South Africa, a Fellow of the Institute of Risk Management of South Africa, a Founder and Honorary Member of the Polish Risk Management Association, and a past Chairman of the South African Risk and Insurance Management Association (SARIMA). He is also a member of RIMS (USA), of the Institute of Directors of South Africa, and of the U.K. Institute of Directors based in London.

Gert was voted as the “Risk Manager of the Year” for 2009, an honour also awarded to him in 2001. He is a member of BirdLife Africa and also a Custodian of the Endangered Wildlife Trust.

His other presentations include "Business and the Beast" and "Bush to the Boardroom"
Gert Cruywagen - Top Speaker

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Gert Cruywagen