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Devi Sankaree Govender

Devi Sankaree began her career in journalism at the age of 21 when she secured a freelance radio position at the SABC, while completing a BA degree at the University of Natal in Durban. She quickly moved from presenting music shows and reading the news, to becoming a talk show host for national public broadcaster, Lotus FM. Devi's daily radio chat show, which ran for nine years, was well known for its straightforward approach to tackling sensitive and controversial issues.

After completing an Honours degree in Drama and Performance Studies and a Higher Diploma in Education, Devi joined the education fraternity while freelancing on radio. A year into her teaching stint, Devi resigned from the Department of Education and joined the SABC as a full-time talk show host. Devi's most memorable interview on radio was when she interviewed former President, Nelson Mandela in 1998.

Devi's television break came in 1996 when she joined SABC 1's Eastern Mosaic as a continuity presenter. While keeping her radio and television career on the boil, in 1998, Devi then began work as a weekly columnist for the Sunday Times. A year later she joined the Sunday Times as their Features Editor in Durban. Devi's weekly column is now in its eleventh successive year.

In January 2002, Devi joined the Carte Blanche team. Her more memorable stories have included interviews with Kenyan Nobel Laureate, Warangi Mathai, international financial guru Robert Kiyosaki and music icons Quincy Jones and Lionel Ritchie.

Devi’s passion for investigative stories has seen her work on many stories which went on to make headlines. These include: investigations into corruption at the Medical University of South Africa, the Eastern Cape’s health crises, Robert Mugabe’s “Operation Murumbatsvina” campaign, baggage theft at Oliver Tambo Airport, the “racist” University of the Free State DVD and dangerous home abortions. Devi’s penchant for “trouble” has also resulted in her and the Carte Blanche crew finding themselves in some hairy situations including: being assaulted while working on a story about the “Gum Tree Gang,” a band of appliance repairmen in Durban, being locked up in a garage on the campus of the Medical University of South Africa and almost being run over by a Metro cop!
Devi’s work in print was taken a step further when, in 2004, she won the prestigious British Council scholarship for creative writing.

After completing a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management and an MBA through the University of Natal, Devi initiated her own corporate communication's company. Her main thrust is in the field of corporate training where she coaches senior managers on media strategy, crisis communication and interview techniques.

Devi has won numerous awards over the years, both nationally and internationally.
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Devi Sankaree Govender