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Shakes Dlutu

Mzwethemba Dlutu, better known as “Shakes”, is a motivational speaker, youth group facilitator and life line counselor. His personal mission statement is to “Constantly add value to people’s lives, by empowering them to believe in themselves.”

He first became interested in the field of Personal Development in 1995 when he was a student in the R.A.L.I. Project, a rich and diverse multicultural youth leadership programme. He went on to make history in the organization, by not only becoming the first student to be a R.A.L.I trainer, but was also the first black person to do so.

His favourite programme is the “Victim to Victor” workshop, a powerful catalyzing process designed to “Creative an Awareness of the power of mindsets and their implications”.

Since 1994 “Victim to Victor” has enjoyed tremendous success throughout the country and has made an impact on the lives of more than 500 000 South Africans.

This presentation is based on the “Victim to Victor” workshop and will give you a taste of some of the key principals from the programme.

Shakes is a natural and gifted speaker and his intention is that you leave this talk feeling highly motivated, having challenged your own mindset and inspired to implement these concepts in your personal and professional life.

What our clients say ...

"Very well presented, and enjoyed by all. I'll definitely recommend him!"
Cedric Appel, Retail Development & Marketing, Metro Cash & Carry

"We hereby wish to express our thanks for the excellent motivational speaker, "Shakes" Dlutu. Shakes truly inspired and motivated us and gave us a new insight into ourselves and others."
Barry Isaacs - Deputy Director - EMDC Education Department Western Cape.

"Shakes made me regain my confidence and self esteem. I was seeing myself failing. I stopped feeling sorry for myself. I immediately feel like a victor - not a victim."
Lulama M.Sangqu - Family Advocate Eastern Cape Umtata.
Shakes Dlutu - Top Speaker

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Shakes Dlutu