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  • Planning

  • Vision

  • Strategy

  • Action

Lewis Gordon Pugh – Arctic adventurer and endurance swimmer
NEWS FLASH: Lewis Gordon Pugh to swim on top of Everest in April 2010!

Probably best known for being featured in the Investec ad, Lewis Gordon Pugh became the first swimmer in history to complete a long distance swim in all 5 oceans of the world, a feat which many people had considered to be the “holy grail” of swimming. 

He also became the first person to complete a long distance swim in both the Arctic and the Antarctic. In a career spanning nearly 20 years Lewis has pioneered more swims around famous landmarks than any other swimmer.

Justin Cohen – “What’s Your Story?”
Dynamic Speaker • Storyteller • Best-Selling Author

If you want to grow an organisational culture, share knowledge, sell a product or lead a team you need to use the oldest and most powerful form of influence, you need to tell a story!

With cutting edge research, humor, entertaining stories and practical take-home tools, Justin will help your people master the ultimate form of influence – story telling!

How to tell stories that will: 

  • Inspire action

  • Enhance your brand 

  • Lead positive change 

  • Impact on your bottom line

  • Corporate

  • Tactics

  • Scenario 

  • Sustainable Business

Clem Sunter – “Socrates & the Fox”

Clem Sunter is a leading strategic thinker and one of the country's most sought after conference speakers, as well as a respected best-selling author. Well-known for his Scenarios for South Africa, Clem's main purpose in his books and presentations is to introduce scenario planning into the mainstream process of strategic planning and decision-making. 

Clem believes “We have to perform even better than the best companies in the world if we want to make any impact on South Africa’s economy”.

Gary Bailey
GamePlan: 2010 - World Cup Soccer
NEW: World-Class Leadership - Lessons from Sir Alex Ferguson and other Great Thinkers!

Gary Bailey is a former Man United and England goalkeeper, respected sports commentator and inspiring professional speaker. Leading up to the 2010 World Cup, Gary has been speaking on the implications of the event coming to South Africa - the challenges, threats and opportunities.

Passionate about the need for powerful leadership, Gary's other popular talk called "World-Class Leadership: Lessons from Sir Alex Ferguson and other Great Thinkers!" is a "not to be missed" message for any management team wanting to learn the latest worldwide thinking in leading skills. 

  • Managing Talent

  • Vision

  • Strategy

  • Leadership

  • Future Trends

  • Current Economic Status

  • Government Politics

  • Business Environment

JP Landman – Trends Shaping South Africa

JP is a political and trend analyst. His specialization is the influence of global and national trends on South Africa’s economy and on government policies. He is a popular speaker with business and financial audiences, and gives selected presentations on current political-economic trends and how they affect our business environment. 

JP’s presentation is continuously updated and fully reflects not just the new post-election reality, but also the current economic status and the impact of the election on social capital.

Braam Malherbe - Runner of the Great Wall of China
Extreme Adventurer and International Motivational Speaker
Out There Magazine’s “Adventurer of the Year”!

Braam is an extreme athlete, global adventurer, environmentalist and runner. He ran the entire length of the Great Wall of China in 98 days - a distance of over 4, 200 kms. That's a marathon a day! He then ran a Smile around the foot of Africa - a distance of over 3, 300 kms - again averaging a marathon a day!

Braam believes it is all about Attitude - "it's about setting a massive dream and biting it off one piece at a time." 

  • Creating the Future

  • Finding the Zone

  • Challenging Boundaries

  • Overcoming Crises

  • Understanding the Power of the Mind

  • Creating your Desired Future 

  • Becoming Future-Smart

  • Talent Management

Buhle Dlamini - “Owning the Future”

In his thought-provoking and entertaining presentations, Buhle helps people to "Turn Passion Into Success" and to "Own the Future". 

A dynamic speaker, entrepreneur and business development consultant, Buhle is passionate about the development of the next generation of leaders, and brings an excellent perspective on today's new generation of employers and customers.  

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