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Dr. Dorianne Weil - Radio 702 and ThreeTalk’s “Dr D”
Life is Tough but I’m Tougher • The Healthy Family • From Trauma to Transformation • Grown-up Women • Mid-life and Marriage

Dorianne Cara Weil is the Resident Psychologist for Radio 702 and Cape Talk and, as such, is called upon to comment on current affairs almost daily. Her talk show every Sunday from 9pm – 12pm, “Heart of the Chatter", deals with diverse topics ranging from Spirituality to Sexuality, Bereavement, Drugs, Divorce, Relationship Problems, Self Esteem or anything that the listeners wish to discuss. In 2001 her guests included Deepak Chopra, Uri Geller, Wayne Dyer, Brandon Bays and many religious and political leaders.

Shurnell Andersson – “The Psychology of Success”
Positive Thinking ● Optimism ● Creating Sales Superstars ● Super Service

Over 20 years of experience in human development has helped Shurnell hone her natural ability for people development and allowed her to expand her talent for growing and motivating others to reach their potential. With a vision of ‘empowering individuals and teams to transform their thinking and achieve greater performance and results’ Shurnell brings her unique combination of talents to her work. Originally from Barbados, Shurnell has lived and worked in Africa for over the last 15 years.
In addition to her presentation, Shurnell has a powerful and beautiful singing voice, and likes to end off her presentations with a song.

Verna van Schaik – Woman’s World record holder for deep diving 
“Fatally Flawed: The Quest to be Deepest”

In this gripping presentation, Verna van Schaik reveals her journey to world record fame – an inside look into the world of deep diving and the people who inhabit it. This is the story of how Verna became the deepest woman in the world, in one of the most extreme sports in the world – cave diving. Her presentation follows her journey with Nuno Gomes as a support diver on his record-breaking dives and culminates with her experiences on Dave Shaw’s tragic body recovery dive.
It is Verna’s experiences with the top technical divers in South Africa (if not the world) that gave her the unique opportunity to question who deep divers really are, and what lies behind the carefully edited illusion of being deepest.

Natalie du Toit – “The Natalie Experience”
Courage • Passion • Attitude

Natalie’s achievements at international events for athletes with disabilities have made her one of South Africa’s most outstanding athletes. Her winnings include five gold medals and a silver at the 2004 Athens Paralympics, three Golds at the 2005 Paralympic World Cup in Manchester, two Golds at the 2002 Commonwealth Games and most recently two Golds at this year’s Games. But perhaps her greatest achievement has been bridging the gap between able-bodied and disabled athlete, competing against and often beating able-bodied swimmers at the highest level.
In her thought-provoking and entertaining presentation, Natalie speaks about living with passion, finding courage and how one should never stop growing.

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