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[14 July 2016] - Women's Day 2016

Celebrate Women’s Day by inviting one of these top motivational Business Speakers to honour the Women in your organization! See:
[4 September 2015] - Daniel Silke appears on "The Justice Factor"

Political Economy analyst and Director of the Political Futures Consultancy Daniel Silke this week was a guest on South Africa's premier television news discussion programme, "The Justice Factor" hosted by Justice Malala. In the interview, Silke addressed a wide range of current South African political developments.


To find out more about Daniel Silke click here

[7 June 2015] - Incredible Mentalist Gilan Gork to appear on Carte Blanche

Incredible Mentalist Gilan Gork will be appearing on Carte Blanche this Sunday to put a whole new spin on 'Psychics'!

Gilan's new book "Persuasion Games" is already an best seller.

Call us today to find out how Gilan can bring something different to your Conference or Special Event!

To find out more about Gilan Gork click here

[5 June 2015] - Lewis Pugh featured in the Times Magazine UK

Arctic Adventurer, Endurance Swimmer, Environmental Campaigner and Best-Selling Author Lewis Pugh recently returned from an extraordinary swimming expedition in Antarctica. He is now shuttling between Washington DC and Moscow to try to broker a deal to create the largest Marine Protected in the region.

Contact us today to find out how you can book Lewis to speak at your Conference!

To find out more about Lewis Pugh click here

[20 May 2015] - Lewis Pugh shortlisted for the 2015 Observer Ethical Awards “Campaigner of the Year”

Environmental campaigner, maritime lawyer and endurance swimmer Lewis Pugh has been shortlisted for the 2015 Observer Ethical Awards “Campaigner of the Year”. The 10 nominees also include Leonardo DiCaprio, Mary Robinson and Emma Watson. The winner will be announced on 2 July in London.

Congratulations to Lewis!

For more information on getting Lewis to speak at your conference, call us today!

To find out more about Lewis Pugh click here

[15 April 2015] - Lewis Pugh returns from his Record Breaking Swims in Antarctica

Endurance swimmer, maritime lawyer and environmental campaigner Lewis Pugh has just come back from undertaking a series of swims in the Ross Sea.

Lewis shared the following with us on his adventure: "As you may be aware, the Ross Sea is situated off Antarctica and is the most pristine ecosystem left on earth. However, it is now facing rampant overfishing. The organisation responsible for protecting it is made up of 25 states. All the nations have agreed to set up a Marine Protected Area (akin to a National Park) except Russia and China.

I undertook these swims to highlight the importance of this marine ecosystem and to urge Russia and China to come onboard. They were the toughest swims of my life! They were the most southern swims ever undertaken.

Afterwards I flew to Russia and met with the Russian Minister of Defence (who is the No. 2 official in Russia), the Governor of the Moscow Region and the former Minister of Sport. We had lengthy discussions. They were warm and constructive. They were especially interested in discussing whether Antarctica could be used to find common ground between themselves and the UK/USA. In 1959, at the height of the Cold War, Antarctica was set aside as a place for peace and science. If that could be achieved on land, could the same be done in the waters off Antarctica in 2015?

Have we shifted the dial? Time will tell. The key vote on whether the Ross Sea will be set aside as an MPA takes place in October. But the Ross Sea is now clearly on Russia's agenda. And there is an appetite for dialog. Next week, I fly to Washington DC and New York to have meetings with US policy makers and the media."

Call us today to find out how you can bring Lewis to your next conference or special event with his fascinating story!

To find out more about Lewis Pugh click here

[10 April 2015] - Pat Lambie available for conference talks until May!

Springbok and Sharks flyhalf Patrick Lambie has been ruled out for six weeks after suffering a neck injury in last Saturday's loss to the Crusaders, making him available to speak at corporate conferences until the end of May.

Patrick is a dynamic speaker with in-depth insight on topics like perseverance, teamwork, leadership, overcoming tough times, and more.

Call us today to check Patrick's availability for your event!

[26 March 2015] - Daniel Silke Presents ‘Emerging Worlds’

South African Political Economy specialist Daniel Silke explores the fortunes of Emerging (or Growth) Markets in his latest corporate keynote presentation just released.

Emerging Markets have been the investors’ best friend for the last decade. Popularised by the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa) group of countries and a quest for greater returns following the global financial crisis, high growth rates became the order of the day.

However, the BRICS have certainly lost their lustre – with the exception of a resurgent India. Cyclical, political and governance factors are now judging many of these high-growth economies – and often quite harshly.

Can the BRICS resume their upward path or will they be held back in the future? What are the key global trend drivers that still motivate for increasing exposure to emerging markets? What is the next step for China as it confronts its lowest growth in more than a decade? Can India overtake China in the race for greater GDP growth? Is there life beyond the BRICS and which other countries are now looking promising? And, can Africa rise to the occasion and continue to be a leading performer?

All these issues will be addressed in Daniel Silke’s latest 60-minute keynote. Completely international in scope, this is a broad macro-economic and political analysis that can augment any conference interested in the global shift in economic power. This is an essential primer for investors and a broad cross-section of industry alike.

To find out how to bring Daniel to your conference, call us today!

To find out more about Daniel Silke click here

[26 March 2015] - Martyn Davies on China's Economic Shift

Emerging Markets Guru Martyn Davies recently published a blog through the World Economic Forum’s Agenda project. Entitled “What China’s Economic Shift Means for Africa”, the article looks at the impact the rebalancing of China’s economy away from investment-to-consumer driven growth will have on the economies of Africa. Will African states be able to reorient themselves and adapt to the new drivers of growth of China?

Read the full article on Dr Davies' profile today!

To find out more about Dr Martyn Davies click here

[23 March 2015] - Daniel Silke chosen to speak before Travel Industry Superstars

In the past week, renowned Political Analyst and Author Daniel Silke had the privilege of presenting two formal presentations on-board "The World", the largest and most prestigious residential cruise ship at sea.

Addressing the multi-national captains of industry who own properties on the vessel, Daniel presented an historical account of South Africa as well as his “Critical Challenges Facing South Africa in the Future” keynote. Both were received with much acclaim and enthusiasm.

At the end of March, Daniel has also been selected to present on-board the luxury Crystal Serenity cruise liner on similar South African-themed topics. This ship is amongst the most highly rated cruise ships in the world and also serves a global selection of premium clients.

Call us today to find out how you can book Daniel Silke for your conference!

To find out more about Daniel Silke click here

[6 March 2015] - Dr Martyn Davies in the Financial Mail.

Top Economic Analyst and Emerging Markets Specialist Dr Martyn Davies contributed the cover story of the Financial Mail's 26 February-6 March edition.

In "The New Reality: Work for Growth", Dr Davis discusses the changing alchemy of China's growth.

Call us today to find out how you can bring Dr Davies' insight to your conference or special event!

To find out more about Dr Martyn Davies click here

[3 March 2015] - Lewis Pugh completes most Southerly swim in history!

Renowned British endurance swimmer and United Nation’s Environment Programme (UNEP)’s Patron of the Oceans, Lewis Pugh, has completed the most southerly swim in human history – just 10 days after setting the record for the first time.

On this occasion, Lewis completed a 350 metre swim in the Bay of Whales, which lies in the Ross Sea in the Antarctic Ocean. The bay, which was named by Sir Ernest Shackleton due to the proliferation of killer whales in the area, represents the most southerly point where man could swim. It is impossible to swim any further south in the world.

Although Antarctic conditions are naturally hostile, Pugh’s achievements are made all the more remarkable given he completed the swim in conditions that were especially harsh. A sea temperature of -1 degrees, an a air temperature of minus 37 degrees Centigrade and a wind gusting at 40 knots (75 km/h) made for a hugely challenging and treacherous effort.

Speaking after his super-human undertaking, Lewis Pugh said: “The Bay of Whales is the most terrifying place I’ve ever swum. During the swim, a wave broke over my support boat, I took another stroke, and when I looked up, the seawater had frozen on my crew. They were caked in ice instantly – that’s how cold it was.”

Lewis is undertaking a series of death defying swims in the Antarctic Ocean to influence world leaders to make the Ross Sea a Marine Protected Area (MPA). The Ross Sea is one of the most pristine and untarnished areas in the world and is under threat from human influences including commercial fishing and global warming. Lewis is particularly keen to appeal to Russia who, as well as having a distinguished history in Antarctic exploration, are presiding over The Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) – the body which can grant MPAs.

Talking of the importance of the area Lewis added: “The Ross Sea is a place I care deeply about. It’s the most pristine marine ecosystem left on Earth, with wildlife found nowhere else and holds great scientific importance – it is now being destroyed by industrial fishing.

“Our generation is driving species to extinction and irreversibly altering ecosystems – leaving our children with a planet that is unsustainable. I urge the 25 CCAMLR nations responsible for protecting Antarctica’s ocean to urgently aside the Ross Sea as a Marine Protected Area forever.”

Speak to us today about how you can bring Lewis to your conference or special event.

To find out more about Lewis Pugh click here

[10 February 2015] - Barry Hilton kicks off new MNet comedy series!

South African comedy stalwart, Barry Hilton kicks off M-Net's new comedy show, The Live Series, from 16 February.

In this hilarious stand-up special, comedy household name Barry Hilton brings you an hour and a half of world-class humour. Touching on everything from load-shedding all the way through to selfies, SA’s favourite “cousin” will have you in stitches before you can say Savannah.

Call us today to find out how you can bring this comedic talent to your event!

To find out more about Barry Hilton click here

[2 February 2015] - Lewis Pugh announces "5 Swims in Antarctica for 1 Reason"

In February and March top adventurer and "Polar Bear Man" Lewis Pugh will be undertaking 5 swims in Antarctica to campaign for a large Marine Protected Area in the Ross Sea. The Ross Sea is one of the most incredible and diverse areas left on earth. It’s truly a polar Garden of Eden. Tragically, it is now threatened by overfishing and climate change.

Three of the swims will be the most southern ever undertaken.

Afterwards, Lewis will be going to Russia to meet President Putin to encourage him to back this Marine Protected Area (Russia is currently chair of the organisation responsible for setting up protected areas in Antarctica).

Good luck to Lewis on his newest journey!

To find out more about Lewis Pugh click here

[30 January 2015] - Wonderful Opening Night for "Cat Sings Judy!"

Marie Grey and Associates' favourite singer and entertainer Cat Simoni's tribute to Judy Garland, "Cat sings Judy", had a great opening night on the 27th of January at Theatre on the Square in Sandton, Johannesburg.

Says Peter Feldman of Artslink: "... Cat Simoni, whose tribute to artists such as Ella Fitzgerald and Piaf was highly praised, is a singer and pianist with the ability to apply her own shadings to a host of classic numbers."

Cat's show runs until 14 February.

Contact us today to find out what Cat can bring to your corporate events!

To find out more about Cat Simoni click here

[22 January 2015] - Dr Martyn Davies in the Sunday Times

Dr Martyn Davies, CEO of Frontier Advisory and a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum, was featured in the Sunday Times "Opinion" Column this past Sunday.

Martyn tells the reader "Why Africa must adapt or die." He believes that sustained investment in people is key for the Continent's development.

Call us today to bring Martyn to your next Business Conference!

To find out more about Dr Martyn Davies click here

[21 January 2015] - David Grier interviewed in the Sunday Times

This week’s Sunday Times’ “Travel Weekly” interviewed Extreme Adventurer David Grier.

From running the Great Wall of China in one go to paddling 500km across the Mozambique Channel David’s challenges and stories are awe-inspiring. Drawing powerful business analogies from his adventures David is a highly sought after speaker for corporate conferences!

Call us today to learn more about what David can bring to your next conference or special event!

To find out more about David Grier click here

[12 January 2015] - Clem Sunter, Toby Shapshak and Dion Chang on Carte Blanche!

On last night’s "Carte Blanche" Current Affairs programme, Futurist Clem Sunter, Innovation and Technology Guru Toby Shapshak and Trend Spotter Dion Chang gave their predictions on what South Africa can expect for 2015 in the arena of economics, new technology and trends that will influence our businesses and our lives.

Leave your crystal ball behind and get up to speed by inviting one of these experts to your first of the year conference or event!

Call us today to find out more!

[5 January 2015] - Daniel Silke 2015 flagship keynotes now available!

Get your business up to speed with an informative 2015 presentation by top Political Analyst Daniel Silke. Three of Daniel’s most sought after talks are:

• Uncharted Waters: The new politics & economics of South Africa
• Arise Africa: The State of the Continent in 2015 and Beyond
• Tracking the Future: 20 Trends to 2020 to Shape & Shift the World!

To find out more about Daniel Silke click here

[24 November 2014] - Robin Banks blows Barloworld away!

Top speaker Robin Banks' presentation to Barloworld recently had the delegates on their feet!

Tasha Smith, Group Marketing Manager, shares the following feedback:

"Robin was phenomenal! He energised and revitalised our team who have been talking about him ever since. A number of people commented that he was the best motivational speaker they had ever seen and I’m in agreement. His energy, enthusiasm, insight and candour makes him a powerful motivating force. We sincerely appreciate his generosity and look forward to having him speak for us again!"

Great job, Robin!

To find out more about Robin Banks click here

[20 November 2014] - Welcome to the MG&A Team, Master Mariner Captain Nick Sloane!

Nick caught the attention of world media for successfully leading the parbuckling (rotating) of the Costa Concordia cruise ship, wrecked in 2012.

Working with a vessel three football fields long and twice the size of the Titanic, Nick made waves early on merely for having the gall to attempt the project. A major risk was that the ship would buckle and break, pouring out into the sea thousands of items, from cooking pans to poker tables. But years of experience had prepared Nick for this opportunity.

He headed up a 500-plus-member team that spent 20 months in Italy plotting how to turn the ship upright. On 27 July 2014, the Costa Concordia was delivered to its owners in Genoa, ending the biggest salvage operation in history.

Nick has been featured in documentaries on National Geographic/Discovery and the Smithsonian Institute on the Costa Concordia project itself. Nick will appear in the December 2014 Issue of Vanity Fair.

Invite Nick to speak at your next Conference on topics like Strategy, Leadership, Risk/Danger, Adventure, Diverse Team, and lots more.

To find out more about Captain Nick Sloane click here

[19 November 2014] - Great client feedback on Alex van den Heever and Renias Mhlongo!

Wildlife experts and dynamic speakers Alex van Heever and Renias Mhlogo received top marks for a recent presentation at the Deloitte Africa Leadership Summit 2014.

“Outstanding' simply does not do justice to their presentation. Alex and Renias enlightened our senior audience of partners and directors to the power of relationships - in nature, society and business.

This inspiring talk was authentic, a real-life example and proof that many great things are possible and you can create a distinct advantage and make an impact that matters when you dig a little deeper and discover the enormous power of connecting!"
Kerry Naidoo, Deloitte Africa, November 2014

To find out more about Alex van den Heever click here

[14 November 2014] - New keynote presentation from Daniel Silke

Unchartered Waters: The New Politics of South Africa in 2015 & Beyond

South African politics is changing. The future of the broader ANC Alliance and COSATU now hangs in the balance as Trade Union rivalries, policy disagreements and personality clashes begin to fashion an entirely new political climate in the country.

Renowned Political Analyst, Author and Public Speaker Daniel Silke’s engrossing new presentation is an essential guide to the dramatic events unfolding before our eyes. With his usual balanced insight, flair and understated humour, Silke addresses questions around the future of the ANC and its Leadership; the role of Unions in the business environment; the domestic South African economy as well as political competition into the future.

To find out more about Daniel Silke click here

[6 November 2014] - Daniel Silke receives rave reviews!

Daniel Silke has just returned from Zanzibar, Tanzania where he presented a major Keynote on Africa and its future potential. Customised for the Travel industry, the presentation drew praise from Nigel King, Strategic Development Manager at XL Travel.

"The post event feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Daniel, the address you made to the XL Travel delegation was perfect and delivered exactly what was required to raise the game of each of our members to enable growth and continued success in their respective businesses.

Rod, myself and the XL Travel board thank you sincerely for contributing in such a significant way to the success of our Zanzibar conference. I am confident we will be asking you back in the not too distant future to address the membership. I would be delighted to recommend you to any prospective new clients and you are welcome to use this correspondence as a testimonial."

To find out more about Daniel Silke click here

[16 October 2014] - Top adventurer Riaan Manser and girlfriend Vasti Geldenhuys row to New York!

In a World First, top adventurer Riaan Manser and his girlfriend of 14 years, Vasti Geldenhuys, went on a 10 700 km ocean rowing adventure! Alone and unaided, the duo set off from Agadir, Morocco, enduring a 105 day crossing of the Atlantic in a 7 meter rowing boat, landing in Miami, USA on 7 May 2014.

The journey is humorously but aptly called “Take Me To New York”.

To find out more about Riaan Manser click here

[3 October 2014] - Alex van den Heever and Renias Mhlongo featured in The Waiting Room

A article featuring top keynote speaker Alex van den Heever and tracker Renias Mhlongo was recently published in the Waiting Room, a magazine that goes to most of the doctors’ rooms.

Read the article on Alex's profile today.

To find out more about Alex van den Heever click here

[30 September 2014] - Lewis Pugh opinion piece published by New York Times!

The New York Times has published an opinion piece written by Lewis Pugh. It’s a very thought provoking account of his journey through the Seven Seas and what he witnessed.

Well done Lewis!

To find out more about Lewis Pugh click here

[28 September 2014] - Lewis Pugh featured in the Sunday Times

More information on Arctic Adventurer, Endurance Swimmer, Environmental Campaigner and Best-Selling Author Lewis Pugh's Seven Seas swim in the Sunday Times Today! Read the article on Lewis's profile here.

To find out more about Lewis Pugh click here

[26 September 2014] - Lewis Pugh featured in 100 World-Class South Africans

Arctic Adventurer, Endurance Swimmer, Environmental Campaigner and Best-Selling Author Lewis Pugh has been named one of 100 World Class South Africans by City Press. Read the article on his profile today.

Congratulations to Lewis!

To find out more about Lewis Pugh click here

[11 August 2014] - Chester Missing wins the Comic’s Pen Award!

Congratulations to Chester Missing for winning the Comic’s Pen Award category this year at the Annual Comics Awards!

Apart from this, Chester has also had several EMMY nominations and SAFTA wins this year.

To find out more about Chester Missing click here

[11 August 2014] - Lewis Pugh Completes Mediterranean Swim of his 7 Swims in 7 Seas for 1 Reason Campaign

Lewis Pugh successfully completed his 10 kilometre swim in the Mediterranean Sea - the first of his 7 Swims in the 7 Seas for 1 Reason. He completed his swim from Larvotto Beach in Monte Carlo, Monaco and was met by Prince Albert II as he finished the 10km leg, which took him three hours and thirty three minutes.

Congratulations to Lewis!

To find out more about Lewis Pugh click here

[29 July 2014] - Pieter Geldenhuys featured in Woman and Business

In the newest edition of online magazine "Woman and Business", top futurist Pieter Geldenhuys discusses why women will be able to dominate the future world of business.

"... the increase in communication channels, the increased focus on the non-tangible and the increased importance of a technology's social acceptance places womankind's traditional strengths in a far more favourable position to navigate the challenges of the future," Pieter says.

Find a link to the full article on his profile.

To find out more about Pieter Geldenhuys click here

[15 July 2014] - Dynamic new "excellence" keynote from top speaker Douglas Kruger!

When you want your organisation to thrive, when you want your brand to become iconic, when you insist on owning your industry, there is no alternative: Douglas Kruger helps you to position yourself so that the business comes to you.

Where there is excellence, the odds are unimportant

Oprah once called ‘excellence’ the best argument to racism. In fact, it is the best argument to most challenges in life. Excellence is the key that opens all doors and super-achievers make their own luck. Be the kind of person for whom the odds do not apply. Learn the principles and drivers of personal excellence and encourage your people to own their fate, apply their talent and show their excellence. Remember: You are not separated from your goals by a number of years. You are separated from your goals by a number of actions.

To find out more about Douglas Kruger click here

[2 July 2014] - Alex Granger featured in Entrepreneur Magazine

Top speaker Alex Granger is featured in the July edition of Entrepreneur Magazine with an interview entitled “The Magic of Waking Up”, which is based on his dynamic keynote presentation of the same name.

To find out more about Alex Granger click here

[19 May 2014] - Peter van Kets releases "The Eighth Summit"

"What does it take to row 5, 500km across an ocean?
Or to trek 500 miles through Antarctica?
How do we achieve incredible things?"

In his memoir, Peter van Kets takes readers on three of his greatest expeditions – incredible, unsupported adventures across the Atlantic in rowing boats and across the icy high plateau of Antarctica on foot and sled – with the goal of lifting their spirits and motivating them in whatever they do. As a passionate speaker and conservationist, Peter does all he can to inspire people and change their lives, and he has addressed thousands of people since being awarded SA OutThere Adventurer of the Year in 2011. Typical topics of discussion are vision, planning, team work, strategy, conflict management, working in a dynamic environment, self-discipline and perseverance. The Eighth Summit is his story.

To find out more about Peter van Kets click here

[18 May 2014] - Brand Pretorius featured in Sunday Times

"Something's got to give on CEO pay"

Former CEO of the McCarthy motor retail group and chairman of ABSA's remuneration committee Brand Pretorius is featured in the Sunday Times BusinessTimes section today, offering his views on the current levels of executive remuneration.

Brand says "I personally do not think it is sustainable, because it is not just a business issue anymore. It has become a really important and sensitive social issue."

Call us today to book Brand Pretorius as a top Leadership speaker for your next conference.

To find out more about Brand Pretorius click here

[17 May 2014] - New African & International (Global) Keynotes from Daniel Silke

Top Economic and Political analyst Daniel Silke offers a wide variety of expert presentations on African and International topics for conferences and conventions world-wide. From highly acclaimed reviews of current economic and political issues facing the African continent in Arise Africa to his flagship and futurist global trends keynote Tracking the Future, Silke excels in imparting information at once detailed, analytical yet highly entertaining.

Daniel's latest title The State of the World is a fully updated account of current economic, political and business trends across the world with a view to analysing future change and strategy. The keynote's international scope means it is ideal for conferences from Dublin to Delhi to Durban. This presentation is also customisable to specific industries but ultimately is designed to provide a critically important snapshot of latest world trends, regional issues and industry challenges. It is ideal as an opening address for a broad range of conference themes.

Daniel Silke enjoys an enviable reputation in his native South Africa as a leading domestic and global analyst. His extensive television, radio and print appearances together with travels to over 90 countries have made him a sought-after speaker and consultant. He has recently been added to Duke Corporate Education's panel of educators and his recent multi-national clients include Barclays, Lafarge, Coface and Danone. He is the author of 'Tracking the Future' (Tafelberg 2011).

To find out more about Daniel Silke click here

[14 May 2014] - Dr Martyn Davies quoted in Wall Street Journal

Frontier Advisory was quoted in today’s Wall Street Journal commenting on the move of Chinese firms investing in Africa’s emerging manufacturing sector. CEO Martyn Davies calls China a “resilient investor in Africa.”

Read the article on Dr Davies' profile today.

To find out more about Dr Martyn Davies click here

[9 May 2014] - Cat Simoni featured in the Sandton Chronicle!

Top entertainer Cat Simoni's upcoming tribute to musical legend Ella Fitzgerald is featured in this week's Sandton Chronicle.

Read the article on her profile today!

To find out more about Cat Simoni click here

[8 May 2014] - Alex Harris to attend the launch of the "toughest bike race on earth"

Top adventurer and speaker Alex Harris will join the launch of the Munga, the "toughest mountain bike race on Earth", on the 22nd of May 2014 at the Southern Sun Hyde Park in Johannesburg.

Formerly, Alex won the 2011 Freedom Challenge Race Across South Africa, in a record time of 12 days and 15 hours. The FC is arguably Africa’s hardest mountain bike race covering a distance of 2300kms, and traversing the high mountains between Pietermaritzburg and Paarl. It is also totally unsupported.

To find out more about Alex Harris click here

[14 April 2014] - Stress & Success: What Gary Bailey learned from Sir Alex Ferguson

Gary Bailey features in this Sunday Times’ magazine “Business Class”.

Gary learned about Success when he played for England and Kaizer Chiefs; he learned about Stress by working for Manchester United’s Sir Alex Ferguson. In the article, Gary tells how he survived both.

In Gary’s talk,” Succeed under Pressure: Converting Football Lessons into Business Success “Gary shares his experience of performing under intense scrutiny and how “Fergie” shaped United into world-beaters-and translate his experiences into lessons for business.

Call us today to find out how to invite Gary to share the lessons at your next conference or special event!

To find out more about Gary Bailey click here

[11 April 2014] - Patrick Lambie - KZN Shark and Springbok

Due to his recent injury, which has side-lined him for six months, Patrick Lambie is now available to speak at corporate conferences!

Please call us today to see how we can bring this gifted sportsman to your next event!

A great speaker, Patrick’s talk addresses these important business issues- teamwork, persistence, self-motivation, managing change and lots more.

[4 April 2014] - Top Sales Speaker Alex Granger's book released

For many years, businesses have been run through the eyes of operations. Sales and marketing had been a secondary function. For the individual sales person, that is all they were, a sales person. Because of economic crises and global pressure, many organisations have shifted their thinking to sales and how to grow their profits as opposed to containing costs and reducing their expense lines.

This is exactly what Alex Granger, Business Motivational Speaker and sales expert focuses on in this dynamic yet simple book, "FIND KEEP GROW: The Radical Art of Sales."

For more information on Alex, or to book him for your next special event or conference, call us today.

To find out more about Alex Granger click here

[1 April 2014] - "Chester Missing’s Guide to the Elections ‘14" now available!

Exciting things are currently happening for Top Satirical Political Analyst Puppet Chester Missing: He has a book on the elections hitting the shelves ("Chester Missing’s Guide to the Elections ‘14", in collaboration with Zapiro), as well as his regular election spot on Kaya FM, and election coverage on Late Nite News and also as a satirical political analyst for eNCA itself, and bimonthly piece for City Press!

In line with his new book, Chester offers a 30 minute talk explaining politics in South Africa. He spells out in his inimitable puppet fashion the must-knows, the who’s who and the what-what.

To book Chester for your special event or conference, give us a call today!

To find out more about Chester Missing click here

[1 April 2014] - "The 2014 Election & Its Aftermath" - new presentation by Daniel Silke


Kindly note that after the May 7th General Election, Political Analyst and Keynote Speaker Daniel Silke will be offering a new presentation title which is designed to analyse the election results and voting trends into the future. The keynote will also cover South Africa's political economy in the aftermath of the 2014 vote.


South African politics over the next five years is likely to be more robust and unpredictable than ever. The ruling ANC Alliance is more vulnerable and divided as more competition for the hearts and minds of voters is set to become a reality. Economic stagnation continues to be fuelled by persistent unemployment while low growth rates are compounded by on-going labour unrest and inter-union rivalries.

Economic pressures are exacerbated by persistent political and leadership questions surrounding the Presidency of Jacob Zuma. The ANC will move to promote its contentious National Development Plan (NDP) as the cornerstone of its vision for the future. But, opposition to the plan and a move to establish a more Socialist or Workers’ alternative to the ANC can gain traction and shift the domestic political equation.

For the ANC, internal personality and policy differences have culminated in tensions within the broader Alliance and particularly within COSATU. And, new political parties like Julius Malema’s Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) offer South Africans more political choices than ever before. In addition, the Democratic Alliance is still looking to play an enhanced role in a future South Africa and steer the country towards its policy options.

In this brand new and constantly updated keynote, Independent Political Analyst & Director of the Political Futures Consultancy, Daniel Silke, provides a timely, insightful and unbiased account of the domestic political and economic pressures likely to influence the political space in South Africa between 2014 and 2019.

What are the key outcomes of the 2014 Election and its effect on both political and economics in South Africa? What are the chances of Jacob Zuma remaining on and completing his term of office? Can the opposition make enough headway to threaten the ANC in the future and will the ANC vote trend towards 50% by 2019? Can the NDP be implemented and who are the contenders for power in the future? These and other options will be fully explored and make for a fascinating insight into the medium term domestic political scene.

To book Daniel Silke for your conference, give us a call today.

To find out more about Daniel Silke click here

[14 March 2014] - Social Media Specialist Dave Duarte announced as a Young Global Leader

This week the World Economic Forum announced digital leadership specialist Dave Duarte as a Young Global Leader.

Read more about Dave here:

[12 March 2014] - Spotlight on JP Landman

JP Landman is a top political and trend analyst. He has a BA and LLB degrees from Stellenbosch (1978), studied Economics at Harvard (1998 and 2005), and obtained an MPhil in Future Studies (cum laude) from Stellenbosch (2003). He is a visiting professor at the University of the Free State where he lectures on trends in South Africa’s political-economy. In 2013 JP was selected as a Public Policy Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson Centre for International Scholars in Washington DC.

Call us today to see how we can assist in bring this dynamic political and trend analyst to your next conference or corporate event.

To find out more about JP Landman click here

[10 March 2014] - Spotlight on Justice Malala

Call us today to see how we can assist in bring this dynamic speaker and political commentator to your next conference or corporate event.

Justice Malala is one of South Africa’s most respected political commentators and newspaper columnists. Malala writes regular weekly columns for The Times newspaper and the Financial Mail magazine. He also presents a weekly political talk show (The Justice Factor on the independent eNews Channel, Sundays at 9.30am and 12.30pm). He is currently the resident political analyst for and eNews Channel. He was awarded the Foreign Correspondents Association Award for Courageous Journalism in 2007. His collection of satirical Financial Mail columns, “Let Them Eat Cake”, is out now and available at all good bookshops.

To find out more about Justice Malala click here

[7 March 2014] - Attending the Discovery Leadership Summit

The highlight of this week was attending the Discovery Leadership Summit, and hearing the likes of: Ben Bernanke - Chairman of the US Federal Reserve from 2006-2014; Joseph Stiglitz - Internationally celebrated economist, two-time Nobel Prize laureate, and pioneer in economic thinking; and Lord Sebastian Coe - One of the best middle-distance runners of all time, and leader of London's successful bid to host the 2012 Olympic Games.

Well done to Discovery for another successful Summit!

[3 March 2014] - Justin Cohen to present in Dublin in May

In May top professional speaker Justin Cohen will be in Dublin to present "What's your Story?" at the Health XL Global Gathering in Ireland. This is an international competition to promote entrepreneurship in health tech.

Over 250 top investors, entrepreneurs and thought leaders around the world will meet in Dublin to discuss opportunities in the global digital health market.

In Africa, they are looking to identify individuals promoting digital health on the continent through entrepreneurial activities, blogs, projects, etc.

The Healthees is a competition aimed at celebrating those individuals and communities driving innovation in digital health.

To find out more about Justin Cohen click here

[21 February 2014] - Dr Martyn Davies in the Finweek magazine

Leading strategist and analyst Dr Martyn Davies contributed to the article "Africa: A low-cost
manufacturing megastar?" in February's Finweek magazine.

To find out more about Dr Martyn Davies click here

[19 February 2014] - Alex Granger on the cover of Succeed Magazine!

Dynamo and top business speaker, Alex Granger, is the new cover boy for the March issue of Succeed Magazine. Alex is an expert in customer service, sales, growing your business, and high performance teams. Alex’s long track record in the corporate arena means that he brings “real” hands on experience and a proven track record.

To find out more about Alex Granger click here

[19 February 2014] - Lewis Gordon Pugh information updated

Inspirational speaker, Ocean Advocate and Pioneer Swimmer Lewis Gordon Pugh has added new material to his profile. Please visit his profile for an update and to learn more about Lewis’ “most requested Speeches”.

To find out more about Lewis Pugh click here

[17 February 2014] - Daniel Silke to present on the Seabourn Sojourn!

Daniel Silke is delighted to announce that he has been invited to present four global keynotes for guests on board one of the world's most luxurious cruise ships, the Seabourn Sojourn between the 13th and 25th March 2014 out of Hong Kong. The client has chosen themes around global political and economic trends, the rise of Africa as well as the role of the BRICS countries and new emerging players in the future.

To find out more about Daniel Silke click here

[10 February 2014] - Dr Mzukisi Qobo releases his book, "The Fall of the ANC: What Next?"

Congratulations to Dr Mzukisi Qobo on the release of his book co-authored with Prince Mashele, "The Fall of the ANC: What Next?".

Mondli Makhanya reviewed the book as follows: "A high-octane, brutal critique of the ANC's battle to govern South Africa effectively. IT shatters myths about our past and provides a timely wake-up call for the future."

To find out more about Dr Mzukisi Qobo click here

[29 January 2014] - Gcina Mhlope Becker selected for "21 Icons South Africa" series

Congratulations to Traditional Storyteller Gcina Mhlope Becker for being amongst the selected “21 Icons South Africa” series. 21 Icons South Africa “celebrates the lives of 21 extraordinary South Africans who have captured the global imagination with their dignity, humanity and hard work.” Gcina was in the company of greats the likes of Nelson Mandela, Bishop Desmond Tutu, FW de Klerk, Ahmed Kathrada, and Gary Player. To learn and see more, visit www.21

To find out more about Gcina Mhlophe-Becker click here

[13 January 2014] - Daniel Silke TV interviews today

Daniel Silke will be interviewed today on a number of leading media channels.

• At 11h30 Daniel will be at the News24 TV Studio for a recorded interview.
• At 12h30 Daniel will conduct a voice interview live on CNBC Africa
• At 13h20 Daniel will be live on SABC 3 TV News
• and this evening after 18h00 Daniel will be the studio guest of Bruce Whitfield on 702/567 Cape Talk's The Money Show.
Daniel will be interviewed on the ANC Election Campaign launch.

Daniel Silke will be offering a variety of keynote presentations on South African politics and economics over the next few months.

To find out more about Daniel Silke click here

[13 January 2014] - Justice Malala writes in the Times Live

"President Jacob Zuma is not a fool. He makes gaffes every week and has no idea what constitutionality means. But he is not a fool," starts Justice's column. Read the rest via the link on his MG&A profile today.

To find out more about Justice Malala click here

[8 January 2014] - Cat Simoni's roaring start to the year!

Cat Simoni had a flying start to 2014 in Prince Albert at a gorgeous little art deco theatre on NYE and received (yet again), a standing ovation for her tribute to Barbra!

Be sure not to miss Cat at the Theatre on The Square, Sandton on Sat 25th Jan, in the middle of Tony Yoko's Jazz and Blues weekend called Cat's American Songbook - it’s an 8:30pm performance.
Also just confirmed is a two week booking, June 10th - 21st at Theatre on The Square with a run of her latest show called Cat sings Ella! The Ella Fitzgerald Story.

If you haven’t experienced the talented and beautiful Cat don’t miss out in 2014. Cat is perfect for those special corporate events. Impress those blue chip clients or your top corporate performers by inviting Cat to perform one of her amazing shows…brilliant music and fantastic comedy! Call us today and we will do the rest!

To find out more about Cat Simoni click here

[6 January 2014] - Happy New Year from MG&A!

Marie Grey and the team at Marie Grey & Associates would like to wish all of our clients and prospective clients a rewarding and happy 2014!
We look forward to working with you!

Through our in-depth understanding of, and association with, the top professional speakers in the business, we can ensure that you will get the right speakers for all your conference, seminar and training needs every time. Please note that we can also recommend the top comedians and Masters of Ceremonies for your event programme.

Drop us a line and we will phone you right away!

[5 January 2014] - New keynote presentation from dynamic speaker Alex Granger!

MOMENTS OF TRUTH: Business thinking and DOING!

Businesses face serious challenges in 2014 and beyond. Economic uncertainty, escalating costs of doing business, globalisation, and a rapidly changing world. How do you ensure that your business survives? How do you create a winning attitude, and how do you not only think like a business champion, but also DO what champions do – WIN?

In this presentation, top speaker Alex Granger shares 10 practical steps to champion success to ensure that your business remains sustainable in 2014 and beyond. You will learn what NOT to do in 2014 and what you NEED to do to succeed.

Designed for businesses and their people, this presentation clearly illustrates the importance of not only a change in mindset, but a behavioural change, and a fresh focus on winning, protecting your business brand, and making your staff and customers your partners. Using a familiar story from as far back as 1974, Alex will re-energise you and your staff to perform at exceptional levels to excite your customers and shareholders.

The presentation is delivered with the energy, humour, and the passion that’s so characteristic of Alex’s engaging speaking style. Call us today to book him for your conference or event!

To find out more about Alex Granger click here

[4 January 2014] - Topical new presentation from Daniel Silke

“The Post-Mandela & Pre-Election South Africa: SA Prepares for the Polls”

South African politics is likely to be more robust and unpredictable as the country enters election season. The fifth democratic poll comes at a time when the ruling ANC Alliance is more vulnerable and divided than ever. Economic stagnation fuelled by persistent unemployment and low growth rates are compounded by on-going labour unrest and intra-union rivalries.

Economic pressures are exacerbated by political and leadership questions surrounding the Presidency of Jacob Zuma with both being at the forefront of the coming election. President Zuma will attempt to fend off criticism of his role in Nkandla while the ANC will move to promote its contentious National Development Plan (NDP) as the cornerstone of its growth plan for the future while the unpopular e-tolls become an issue in Gauteng.

The passing of Nelson Mandela and his legacy has focused the minds of South Africans on current deficiencies in the political realm. The ‘Mandela’ effect is likely to be felt during the election campaign as all parties try to invoke his contribution to support their own vision for the future.

For the ANC, internal personality and policy differences have culminated in tensions within the broader Alliance and particularly within COSATU. And, new political parties like the EFF (Malema) and Agang (Ramphlele) offer South Africans more political choices than ever before. In addition, the DA is looking to make an electoral breakthrough specifically amongst a new generation of younger black voter.

In this brand new keynote, Political Analyst and Futurist Daniel Silke provides a timely, insightful and unbiased account of the domestic political and economic pressures likely to influence the outcome of Election 2014.

To find out more about Daniel Silke click here

[19 December 2013] - Dr Martyn Davies appointed as Senior Fellow of the recently launched MasterCard Center for Inclusive Growth in NY!

Congratulations to Dr Martyn Davies for being appointed as a Senior Fellow of the recently launched MasterCard Center for Inclusive Growth headquartered in New York, United States. The Center will focus on academic and philanthropic projects furthering sustainable and equitable economic growth around the world. Senior Fellows have been selected from the Kennedy School, Harvard University, The National Economic Research Institute (China), Breugel (Belgium), and Shell (Netherlands).

To find out more about Dr Martyn Davies click here

[6 December 2013] - A Toast to 2013 from Cat Simoni

'It's a Most Wonderful Year of the Cat!

After 10 years playing the Bechsteins and Steinways of London's most exclusive hotels and private clubs, it has been such fun introducing myself in 2013 to my home market in South Africa. A dream come true!

Highlights this year include the IISA Cocktails at Sun City, Dinner Theatre at the Oyster Box, Cat on a Hot Black Steinway and London's Jazz Cat & Her Boyz at Auto & General Theatre on the Square, From West End to Broadway & Beyond! (my London story) at Richard Loring's Supper Stage & Bistro in Cape Town, Coca-Cola Fortune at The Boardwalk, Port Elizabeth, opening my new Barbra Streisand show The Way We Were in Johannesburg. Not to mention headlining the Cape Town Summer Market between Xmas and New Year! And I'm just getting started!

Such a pleasure meeting you all in 2013, here's to a fabulous and productive 2014!

Have a wonderful friend and family-filled holiday season!

Love and warmest from Paul and myself,
Cat x"

To find out more about Cat Simoni click here

[6 December 2013] - Popular comedian John Vlismas has reached the age of 40!

Featured on the front cover and lead story in this week’s Sunday Times Lifestyle Magazine (December 1, 2013), John shares the story of how he is on track and better than ever after surviving drug addiction and death threats.

Marie Grey of Marie Grey and Associates believes that “John’s corporate following is largely due to his clever and intellectual approach to comedy and that his content is always uniquely his! He was definitely our busiest entertainer in 2013.”

To find out more about John Vlismas click here

[15 November 2013] - Alex Granger knocks it out of the park!

Top speaker and Master of Ceremonies Alex Granger recently acted as facilitator and speaker at the Total Sales Conference 2013, and blew away our client!

Here is what they said about Alex:
"We were delighted with your recommendation of Alex Granger as MC/Guest Speaker. Alex was a perfect blend of fun, humour and seriousness when called for. He got his message across in a manner that engaged and informed his audience and by all accounts our client is delighted."

To find out more about Alex Granger click here

[14 November 2013] - Cat Simoni scores top marks!

Songstress and entertainer Cat Simoni was chosen by Coca Cola to give her fabulous musical show at their recent Supplier of the Year Dinner 2013, and feedback was glowing!

"Cat’s performance was professional, versatile, humorous and she has an absolutely stunning voice. We received praise from our Suppliers that attended the function on their enjoyment of her performance, as well as emails the following day. Our MD wanted to know “where did we find her?”. We will definitely recommend her performance to any one, any time!"
Alta Ingram, Procurement Team Leader (Finance), Coca-Cola Fortune (Pty) Ltd

Well done Cat!

To find out more about Cat Simoni click here

[14 November 2013] - Douglas Kruger on DSTV

Top professional speaker and author of three business books, Douglas Kruger, will be on CNBC Africa on Friday November the 15. Douglas will be joining the editor of FinWeek and a panel of experts on the topic of Negotiation and Persuasion. The segment will start at 1pm on DSTV Channel 410.

To find out more about Douglas Kruger click here

[29 October 2013] - Daniel Silke new presentation now available!

New for 2014!

Daniel Silke presents…
"Business Shock – 60 facts in 60 minutes to change your business!"

It may be a cliché that the world of business is changing more rapidly than ever. But, do you know the scope of this change? Are your employees, delegates and management team informed about the enormity of global change that is shifting the mindsets of the future? In his latest, fast-paced, exciting and invigorating new conference keynote, Political Analyst, Author & Global Futurist Daniel Silke will present 60 key facts in 60 minutes that will shake and shift your world into the future. Fully illustrated and referenced, Silke will travel around the world explaining how population trends will impact future decision-making. He will look at the latest insights into consumer behaviour; how technology is shifting our habits and how the rise of new super-powers will alter the global economic landscape. Silke will also address political, educational and generational changes that will dramatically alter the way we think and operate. Above all else, this is a challenging, sometimes shocking, yet immensely entertaining keynote that raises 60 issues for any business in any industry. How you react to Silke’s 60 challenges will determine whether you sink or swim into the future. This might just be the most important 60 minutes you and your delegates will spend!

To book Daniel for this fascinating presentation give us a call today!

To find out more about Daniel Silke click here

[24 October 2013] - Cat Simon's media launch a great success!

Cat Simon, the "Girl with the Golden Voice", launched her newest show in Cape Town last night with showstoppers from the biggest musicals of Broadway and the West End to great response!

Book Cat today for your Year-End function or special event.

To find out more about Cat Simoni click here

[23 October 2013] - Clem Sunter new presentation for 2014

Clem Sunter's new fascinating presentation is
entitled "The World and South Africa beyond 2014 -The latest scenarios, flags and probabilities". For more information on Clem and his new talk give us a call today!

To find out more about Clem Sunter click here

[16 October 2013] - Cat Simoni at the Oyster Box!

We’re excited to bring you a Dinner Theatre experience Oyster Box-style in November! Over the past 10 years, Cat Simoni has performed at almost every one of London's five-star hotels including The Ritz, Dorchester, Park Lane, The Rubens, Intercontinental, The Milestone and The Carlton.

Her repertoire extends from the great West End and Broadway shows the works of the great songwriters Porter, Rogers, Gershwin and Kern; from Pop megahits from the 50’s to the present time; she also tosses in a liberal sprinkling of the very best of South African music

Prepare to have the Persian pulled out from under you as Cat sidelines the socially acceptable and puts the cashmere through the carwash! She tickles the ivories, conjours the comedy and melts the heart with her golden voice.

To book contact: Tel: +27 (0) 31 514 5018 email:

Date: Thursday 21 November
Time: 19h00 for 19h30
Venue: The Pearl Room
Price: R 350 per person

To find out more about Cat Simoni click here

[6 October 2013] - Chris Bertish featured in Sunday Times

Top Monster Wave Rider and Stand-Up Paddler Chris Bertish has been featured in the Lifestyle section of the Sunday Times.

To find out more about Chris Bertish click here

[30 September 2013] - Cat Simoni upcoming performances


Have you heard Cat Simoni’s hugely entertaining story of her crazy showbiz rollercoaster ride and bizarre encounters with high society’s rich and famous at London’s 5-star venues: The Ritz, Dorchester and Berkeley Square Casino?

Spicy, irreverent and hilarious, Cat’s amazing personal odyssey is the platform from which she delivers thrilling showstoppers from some of the biggest musical ever to have graced London’s West End and New York’s “Great White Way”.

On Friday 25 October Cat will be performing at Richard's Supper Stage and Bistro in Cape Town.
Cat's classy cabaret - Cat on a Hot Black Steinway! this weekend, will have the Cat Chat surrounding the beautiful songs!

On Thursday 21 November Cat performs her "From West End to Broadway & Beyond!" show in the Pearl Room at the Oyster Box.

To find out more about Cat Simoni click here

[27 September 2013] - Natalie du Toit awarded an honorary MBE!

Her Majesty The Queen has announced that South African Olympic and Paralympic medal winning swimmer Natalie du Toit has been awarded an honorary MBE (Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) for her services to Paralympic sport.

On hearing the news, Natalie said:

“I find myself extremely humbled and honoured to be receiving this auspicious award.

To those that have made it possible I thank you for believing in me and by having stayed by my side.

To 'my team' - we have faced several challenges together - each has strengthened us as a unit as well as myself as an individual. The inspiration each one of you have been to me; The values that each one of you carried out, never wavering; these have all culminated in having this specific honour being bestowed.

To everyone who believed, a huge thank you!”

Congratulations to Natalie for this huge honour!

[23 September 2013] - Chris Bertish featured in the Sunday Times Lifestyle section!

Chris Bertish has won the Maverick's Big Wave International surfing event in the biggest and heaviest waves ever recorded in the history of the sport, and has a string of other notable world firsts under his belt. He has just recently returned from competing in the Stand Up Paddle World Championships in Peru for second time, where he again made a top 10 finish. Next year he aims to be the first person to paddle an SUP across the Atlantic Ocean.

Along the way Chris has mastered the gift of talking an amazingly inspirational story, and so has become a global Motivational Keynote speaker who travels the world inspiring audiences to believe, that they too, can achieve great things, with the right self-belief, attitude and focus. It’s just a matter of choice.

Read the article on Chris today!

To find out more about Chris Bertish click here

[22 September 2013] - Sibusiso Vilane featured in the Sunday Times

Mountaineer Sibusiso Vilane first made history by being the first black South African to reach the peak of Mt Everest in May 2003. Still driven by passion, Sibusiso made it up the mountain for the second time in two years, reaching the summit on 3 June 2005.

Then, during the months of November and December of 2007, Sibusiso and his partner Alex Harris completed an unsupported walk from Hercules Inlet, on the edge of Antarctica, to the Geographic South Pole. The distance covered was almost 1200km and temperatures ranged from an ambient of about -8C to about -40C. They reached the South Pole on Thursday 17 January 2008.
In May 2008 Sibusiso and Alex were named the 2007 “Out There” magazine Adventurers of the Year’, beating out other legendary international adventurers such as Mike Horn, Lewis Pugh and Kingsley Holgate for the title.

Read the article about Sibusiso on his profile today!

To find out more about Sibusiso Vilane click here

[20 September 2013] - Barry Hilton back from Las Vegas!

Barry Hilton totally smashed the audiences at his four September performances in Las Vegas at the famous "Improv at Harrah’s" theatre.

Then, the 5000 seater Grand Arena at Cape Town’s Grandwest Casino hosted Barry for a killer performance just five days after he returned to South Africa from Las Vegas – the entertainment capital of the world. This is the third time that Barry has performed as a solo artist in this enormous venue.

To book Barry for your Year-End function, call us today!

To find out more about Barry Hilton click here

[29 August 2013] - Barry Hilton is hitting Las Vegas!

South African Comedy Legend Barry Hilton is performing at the world famous Harrah's Improv in Las Vegas on the 6th and 7th of September. “What a thrill to be on stage in The Entertainment Capital of The World,” says the Lifetime Achiever Recipient.

The Improv Comedy Club at Harrah’s Las Vegas has been voted Best Las Vegas Comedy Club year in and year out. It is the place where the funniest and freshest faces in comedy take to the stage twice a night to incite riotous laughter.

To celebrate 50 years as the industry’s premier stage for both up-and-coming comedians and the greats of the genre, Harrah’s Las Vegas will host appearances by some of comedy’s brightest stars throughout 2013. Barry Hilton is the first South African comedian to be invited to perform at the 400 seater venue.

With his relaxed stage demeanor and gregarious personality, Barry has been making people across the globe laugh for a phenomenal 30 years. Steering clear of political satire, swearing, explicit content and blasphemy, Barry's unique international appeal has ensured a fan base that spans continents.

To find out more about Barry Hilton click here

[29 August 2013] - Daniel Silke launches exciting new keynote presentation

"Mind the Future: Megatrends to Blow your Mind!"

Every day should be a day in which you prepare for the future. Every action, decision and strategy should position you in command of your business with a view to securing future growth, profit and a better grasp of human behavior.

But, this can only be achieved by understanding the changing political, economic, social, technological and business mega-trends that will determine your future and that of your customer.

And that’s what Political Futurist & Author Daniel Silke now offers in a dramatic, entertaining & indispensable new Keynote.

Ideal as a scene-setter or focal point for any conference, convention or meeting, Silke’s presentation spans the world – from the rise of the BRICS, China, India, Africa and other emerging powers to the changing economic fortunes of the USA & Europe.

Book Daniel Silke for your conference or special event today.

To find out more about Daniel Silke click here

[23 July 2013] - The Cat Factor Strikes Again!

A standing Ovation and a Sold out House!!!! This is becoming standard fare for the beautiful and talented Cat Simoni! Sunday lunch time found Cat at the charming Foxwood Theatre in Houghton performing with Paul Spence in “In Love Again!” an evening with Noel Coward and Gertrude Lawrence. Later on in the afternoon and at Theatre on the Square Cat was singing her favourite standards with Tony Yoko’s jazz trio.

The next amazing “Cat Act” will be with the fantastic Anne Power! Don’t miss COUGAR.COMedy at the Foxwood where dazzling duet dynamite meets real life comedy! Call the Foxwood Theatre to get all the dates in August or visit their website on

Call Marie Grey today to see how we can bring Cat to your next corporate event…perfect for Gala Dinners, Award Banquets and all celebrations!

To find out more about Cat Simoni click here

[22 July 2013] - Douglas Kruger shares the stage with Les Brown

Yes, our local speakers certainly can hold a candle to the best in the world!

Last week, legendary motivational speaker Les Brown touched down in South Africa. Les was here to speak at the Achiever’s Summit alongside Robert Kyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

On Friday night, our very own Douglas Kruger, speaker, author, and 5 x winner of the SA Championships for Public Speaking, shared the stage with Les, delivering his keynote speech, ‘Is Your Thinking Keeping You Poor?’

Both Les Brown and Douglas Kruger received excellent feedback from a mixed audience, comprising of CEO’s and hopeful, aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners and NGO’s.

Les Brown complimented Douglas from the stage, and told him afterwards that he ‘had a gift.’

Douglas’s presentation opened with these words: ‘Would you agree that it is possible to work incredibly hard for your entire life…and still die poor? If so, what’s missing?’

Douglas has a book coming out in early 2014 with Penguin publishers, titled ’50 Ways to Position Yourself as an Expert.’

To find out more about Douglas Kruger click here

[20 July 2013] - Leon Louw and Iraj Abedian featured on Carte Blanche

On Sunday 14 July 2013, leading Economists Leon Louw and Iraj Abedian appeared on Carte Blanche discussing Eskom's fiasco with Medupi and Kusile Power projects. Interviewed by Chantal Rudder, Louw and Abedian said the following:

Iraj Abedian (Economist): 'At the end of the day, the South African population pays... be they rich or be they poor. The rich pays through financial contributions - unavoidable taxes, so to speak, and the poor pays through forgoing quality [of] life.'

He describes the lack of delivery as unforgiveable.

Iraj: 'China has built about six or seven Medupis... India, Malaysia, Turkey, etcetera... So it is not as if we are inventing anything. So these delays are purely, purely avoidable delays.'

Leon Louw (Free Market Foundation): 'Eskom is defending itself on quite the wrong grounds. It is the contractor; it is where the buck stops. There is no one there who has ever built or commissioned a power station. They are therefore not competent or experienced enough to have entered into those contracts.'

But most contractors have been muzzled by non-disclosure agreements. What concerns him most is the spiralling costs of Medupi. In 2008 it was budgeted at R50-billion - it's now standing at R105-billion, excluding extra costs, which will raise the real figure to R150-billion. That means that Medupi and Kusile are costing the equivalent of 10 years of our education budget. The R100-billion extra we're paying for Medupi alone could have built two million RDP houses or paid for e-toll infrastructure five times over.

Leon: 'According to the government's own numbers... it's the equivalent of the entire GDP of South Africa on Medupi... on Medupi it is half the GDP. That is what the Eskom electricity fiasco is costing this country.'

To find out more about Dr Iraj Abedian click here

[19 July 2013] - Lifetime Achievement Award for Barry Hilton

STAND-UP comedy veteran Barry Hilton was named this years Lifetime Achiever at the third Comics Choice Awards nominees function.
"I’ve worked very hard to get here and be recognized in South Africa by my peers; I’m blown out of the water,” said Barry. "I’ve been invited to headline The Improv at Harrahs in Las Vegas in September but that means nothing compared to this. This is the real headline," the Port Elizabeth-based comedian said. 
Reminiscing about some of his career highlights, he mentioned opening for Scottish comedian, musician and actor Billy Connelly and being shortlisted alongside John Cleese for Best Comedy Act in Dubai in 2013.

The Annual South African Comic’s Choice Awards is an opportunity for every professional comedian in the country to register and vote for his or her favourite registered comedian in each category. There are only six Awards made each year (known as The Waldo). There are no committees, panels or governing bodies, the votes are simply counted, and the results made known.

The formal Comics Choice award ceremony takes place at The Teatro at Montecasino on 24 August 2013, in association with The Times, Mzansi Magic and Kaya FM.

To find out more about Barry Hilton click here

[11 July 2013] - Dawie Roodt to publish new book

Dawie Roodt has just completed his new book, “Tax, Lies and Red Tape”, which will be released during August (dates to be confirmed) with launches taking place all around the country. Linette Retief (copywriter and consumer journalist for amongst others Rapport) is the co-author.

To find out more about Dawie Roodt click here

[11 July 2013] - Douglas Kruger article in Capital Magazine

Top professional speaker, trainer and author Douglas Kruger is featured in the July edition of the international magazine "Capital." Read his informative article here.

To find out more about Douglas Kruger click here

[1 July 2013] - Douglas Kruger and Alex Granger featured in New Age newspaper

Leading business speaker Douglas Kruger and top newcomer to the MG&A team Alex Granger are featured in today’s Career section of The "New Age" newspaper. Alex and Douglas talk about what got them into the “speaking business”, and how being passionate about your work is something few people can lay claim to!

To find out more about Alex Granger click here

[1 July 2013] - Lewis Gordon Pugh featured in Sunday Times

In this week’s Sunday Times Arctic swimmer, extreme adventurer and top selling author Lewis Gordon Pugh talks to Oliver Roberts about his newly launched book "21 Yaks and a Speedo". Although Lewis doesn’t suggest that you move to Tibet, he does believe in following your dreams!

To find out more about Lewis Pugh click here

[20 June 2013] - Justin Cohen inducted into the Southern African Speakers Hall of Fame

MG&A is proud to announce that this year the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa inducted top speaker Justin Cohen into the Southern African Speakers Hall of Fame. Previous inductees include Bishop Desmond Tutu, Clem Sunter, Ian Thomas and Gary Bailey.

Justin Cohen is the author of four books and seven audiobooks. He hosted a television talk show in which he interviewed some of the world’s top experts on success. As a leading authority on human potential, with an honours degree in Psychology, Justin speaks and trains in the fields of motivation, sales, service and leadership. Having spoken professionally for twelve years, he has presented in thirteen different countries, and in virtually every industry, to an average of eight thousand people annually.

To find out more about Justin Cohen click here

[19 June 2013] - Jake White available for keynotes in SA during August/October 2013

On the 31st of May 2013 the Brumbies moved on to the Super Rugby finals by beating the Hurricanes 30-23 in Canberra!

Brumbies Coach and former Springbok Coach Jake White will be in South Africa from 14 August to 12 October 2013 - call our offices today to book him for your conference or special event!

[18 June 2013] - Lewis Gordon Pugh featured in Sun Times "Books" section

Lewis Gordon Pugh's new book "21 Yaks and a Speedo" is featured in The Sunday Times' "Books" section today - read the article on his profile today!

To find out more about Lewis Pugh click here

[14 June 2013] - Annette Jahnel back in South Africa

Adventurer Annette Jahnel, having just returned from a very successful roadshow in the USA, is now back in South Africa for prepatation for her next exciting trip, which will take her from Prudhoe Bay in Alaska, to Patagonia in Chile.

Book Annette today for your Women's Day event to hear her amazing story!

To find out more about Annette Jahnel click here

[11 June 2013] - John Smit featured in Sunday Times

John Smit, former Springbok rugby captain and the newly appointed CEO of the Sharks featured in this week’s edition of the Sunday Times Business Class.

John has just played a season and a half with London rugby club Saracens. He will be back in South Africa full time from July 2013 and open to speak at your corporate events!

[11 June 2013] - Lewis Gordon Pugh's "21 Yaks and a Speedo" launch in Johannesburg

The Financial Times calls Lewis Pugh’s new book, 21 Yaks and a Speedo, “compelling” and Jack Canfield, author of The Success Principles, says “it will inspire you to rethink your own impossible”. Archbishop Tutu says “it will make you want to stand a bit taller!”

Lewis Gordon Pugh will be promoting and signing the book in Johannesburg on Tuesday, June 11 at 18:30, at Exclusive Books Hyde Park, Johannesburg.

To find out more about Lewis Pugh click here

[5 June 2013] - "21 Yaks and a Speedo" Cape Town launch!

Global Adventurer and "Polar Bear Man" Lewis Gordon Pugh launched his new book, "21 Yaks and a Speedo", in Cape Town from 4-8 June 2013, starting with a presentation by Lewis in Newlands on 5 June.

To find out more about Lewis Pugh click here

[23 May 2013] - Great News for Justin Cohen!

Due to his involvement with the winners of the IBM Global Entrepreneur competition, Justin Cohen has been invited to participate in a major entrepreneurship event at the V & A Waterfront in Cape Town on the 31st of May. Hosted by heavy-weight business coaches Mike Handcock from New Zealand and Dave Rogers from Singapore, this event, which they are doing in over 20 cities globally, will teach quantum entrepreneur techniques, exceptional business ideas and 2013 information and trends. South Africans will also have an opportunity to compete and win, going into a global final of entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Well done to Justin!

To find out more about Justin Cohen click here

[8 May 2013] - Kate Emmerson's exciting book now released!

A practical, no-nonsense BOOK that teaches you the WHY and the HOW of riding yourself of emotional, physical and body clutter.

Having helped thousands of clients with her unique programmes, Kate Emmerson, the Quick Shift Deva, now shares her enthusiasm for and expertise in clearing clutter at all levels with you.

Her life and work motto is to LIVE LIGHT, LIVE LARGE and this book tells you how to follow suit.
Let her inspire you with her in-depth understanding of the psychology of clutter and how it keeps you from living the life you are destined to live NOW.

• Understand the full spectrum of clutter through an empowering definition.
• Learn how the three aspects of clutter intertwine to hold each other hostage.
• Face up to the reality of your current clutter without shame or blame.
• Understand how clutter stops you from moving forward and LIVING LARGE.
• Face your personal sabotage system and why you really have clutter.
• Accurately calculate the monetary cost of your clutter.
• Practically shift your clutter following Kate’s 28-day step-by-step process.
• Stay motivated to tackle the overwhelm associated with clutter.
• Learn simple tricks, tools and systems to stay in charge going forward

To find out more about Kate Emmerson click here

[7 May 2013] - Chester Missing featured in Sunday Times!

In an interview with Siphelele Dludlu, of the Times, Chester Missing, the country’s most famous and busiest puppet shares what he is up to and how he is feeling as his latest show opens at the Market Theatre.

The satirical character and political analyst for Late Night News on ENCA will be on stage with his Chester Missing Road-show in Johannesburg. Missing laid bare his life in the interview. “Missing is my surname. That’s because I don’t know who I am. I was lost and this guy (Conrad Koch) found me on the road years ago,’ Chester said. “I don’t know where I come from and I didn’t know who I was. I went to the police station to report myself missing and when they asked for my surname, I said I didn’t know. So they wrote ‘Missing’. Even when I typed ‘Missing’ on Google to look for my siblings, it came up with the picture of the missing Nkandla report documents,” Missing said. “I thought I worked at the UCT Centre for African Studies but I can’t find any record of this. I’m a genius. I just know stuff. Me and Trevor Manuel are the same.” Koch said Missing is 38 and has been that age since he found him. Koch, 36, who has a master’s degree in social anthropology from the University of Cape Town, says he has been a ventriloquist since childhood and has always been fond of cartoons. Missing has made a lot of friends, including Public Enterprises Minister Malusi Gigaba and DA national spokesman Mmusi Maimane. Since he has no traceable origins, is Missing a South African? “I don’t know if I’m South African, but I hope so. I’m like a metaphor for South African identity. Who are we after apartheid?. Do we accept these racial categpries or do we reinvent ourselves? I don’t know. We first have to deal with what happened during apartheid. It was about race but [now we must] stop people thinking that race is a real thing.” Asked about his home and occupation, Missing said: “I live in a suitcase but the ANC calls it a house. Like most South Africans, I’m unemployed. But I work as a political analyst-at-large.”

To find out more about Chester Missing click here

[30 April 2013] - Lewis Gordon Pugh's new book to be released!

Stay tuned for Lewis Gordon Pugh's exciting new book, "21 Yaks and a Speedo", to launch in May, 2013.

To find out more about Lewis Pugh click here

[23 April 2013] - Daniel Silke's latest South African corporate Keynote "South Africa 2013: The State We're In" has received praise from a variety of diverse clients

At a recent strategy presentation for the management of Cashbuild in Irene Gauteng, Silke received praise for his 2-hour workshop which incorporated the Keynote. Commenting on this, Colin Steyn on behalf of the client said the presentation was "insightful and thought-provoking and was well-received by all the delegates".

Commenting further, the client stated that their "expectations were achieved in helping to focus delegates on the economic and political challenges facing us over the next few years, while at the same time getting us to appreciate the major strides the country has made".

Silke also addressed the annual convention of the Institute of Quarrying in Gateway Durban. Glenn Johnson, the Chairperson of the Institute commented the following:

"As the Chairperson of the Institute and Quarrying South Africa it was once again our pleasure to welcome back Daniel Silke to our 44th annual conference, held in Durban. Daniel once again delivered a thoroughly entertaining and informative keynote speech on the political and economic outlook for South Africa. His unique skill and talent as a orator makes him an undoubted favourite when seeking out a keynote speaker on any topic dealing with the political and economic challenges facing our country."

Daniel Silke's "South Africa 2013: The State We're In" is fast becoming one of the most sought-after and comprehensive Keynotes on current South African issues. It is unique in that it combines both an economic and a political overview as the country approaches its next general election in the first half of 2014.

To find out more about Daniel Silke click here

[22 April 2013] - Douglas Kruger releases exciting new keynote presentation

Brand new from top speaker, author and trainer Douglas Kruger: "I am thrilled to announce the launch of my brand new keynote speech, 'NewThink! - How to have Brainwaves, Brainsplosions and even Multiple Braingasms!' In an hour of entertainment mixed with meaningful content, it looks at all the latest cool concepts around thinking, including, 'How talent works,' 'How geniuses think,' 'Using extra-scenario thinking to change your life,' 'What to do when you're stuck in a thought-rut,' 'Stomping on limiting memes,' and more. I'm really excited about this one. After all, each of us possesses a super-computer; our greatest gift from the Creator. I'd like to share with you, and your team, the latest ideas on how to use it!"

To find out more about Douglas Kruger click here

[10 April 2013] - Daniel Silke’s Latest Keynote “The State We’re In - South African Politics & Economics in 2013"

South Africans live in exceptional times. South African politics is changing. Economic pressures are mounting. Citizens are under financial pressure. And government is reacting. These key features of the country in the first quarter of 2013 will set the scene for a dramatic, tempestuous and exciting period in advance of the 2014 General Election.

The new Agang political movement announced by Mamphele Ramphele together with the elevation of Cyril Ramaphosa within the ANC adds to the intriguing mix as does the state of government coffers and implementing plans to create a more efficient public service capable of delivering. Economic pressures & further threats of ratings downgrades create tensions & a fresh impetus to kickstart the economy. Add to this mix ongoing questions around Leadership, the role of Trade Unions and the urgency of implementing the National Development Plan and it is evident that a watershed period is upon us.

Don’t miss Daniel Silke’s latest South African political and economic keynote that delve deeply into all these issues. Acclaimed recently by both Old Mutual, Momentum and ABSA, Daniel Silke’s latest presentation title “The State We’re In” is a critical primer for any conference, convention or corporate getaway. Book now for the latest political and economic trends - all in one 50 minute keynote.

To find out more about Daniel Silke click here

[27 March 2013] - Douglas Kruger on SAFM

Listen to top speaker Douglas Kruger on Safm (104-107fm) at 14h50 today, talking about building a prosperous business.

To find out more about Douglas Kruger click here

[20 February 2013] - Daniel Silke’s Latest Keynote “The State We’re In”

South Africans live in exceptional times. While the country – and world – have been obsessed with the Oscar Pistorius case, a new political party has been launched, President Zuma delivered the most important political speech of the year, Trevor Manuel has kick-started the National Development Plan and Pravin Gordhan is set to make important announcements in the Budget which will affect both the domestic economy and political scene.

South African politics is changing. Economic pressures are mounting. Citizens are under financial pressure. And government is reacting. These four key features of the country in the first quarter of 2013 will set the scene for a dramatic, tempestuous and exciting period in advance of the 2014 General Election. The new Agang political movement announced by Mamphele Ramphele together with the elevation of Cyril Ramaphosa adds to the intriguing mix as does the state of government coffers and implementing plans to create a more efficient public service.

Don’t miss Daniel Silke’s latest South African political and economic keynotes that delve deeply into all these issues. Acclaimed recently by both Old Mutual and Momentum, Daniel Silke’s latest presentation title “The State We’re In” is a critical primer for any conference, convention or corporate getaway. Book Now!

To find out more about Daniel Silke click here

[17 February 2013] - Muzi Kuzwayo featured in the Business Times section of the Sunday Times

This Sunday, Muzi Kuzwayo, top business speaker and author of two books “Dust on my Shoes” and “Black Man’s Medicine”, appeared in the Business Times section of this Sunday Times. In his article “Time for Toeing the Line is Over”, Muzi encourages “Africa to be for Africa” and stop following the West in its decision making on future investments and who Africa has as business partners.

To find out more about Muzi Kuzwayo click here

[13 February 2013] - Dr Mzukisi Qobo featured in GIBS Acumen Magazine

Read Dr Mzukisi Qobo's article, "What Prospects of a Social Pact to Tackle Our Economic Challenge" in the GIBS Acumen Magazine, Issue 3; First Quarter, 2013.

To find out more about Dr Mzukisi Qobo click here

[13 February 2013] - Michael Goldman featured in GIBS Acumen Magazine

Read Michael Goldman's article, "Mega Events for Mega Returns", in the GIBS Acumen Magazine, Issue 3; First Quarter, 2013 today!

To find out more about Michael Goldman click here

[7 January 2013] - Douglas Kruger says "Don't do New Year's Resolutions!"

Top speaker, author and trainer Douglas Kruger has the following to say about New Year's Resolutions:

"Don't Do New Year's Resolutions!

Surprisingly, Facebook does spawn the odd pearl of wisdom. A friend of mine made the comment that most people worry about their eating habits between Christmas and New Year, when they should really worry about their eating habits between New Year and Christmas.

It’s appropriate that New Year’s is universally pegged as goal-setting time – it’s a logical bookmarker - but it’s also a smidgeon impractical. Think: impeding hangovers, heavy meals and the disconnect of trying to focus on ‘what I should be doing at work’ during your prime down-time.

So if you were partying instead of setting goals as the clock ticked over into the New Year, don’t fear. This is actually a more practical time to go about your goal-setting anyway. But do ensure that you set aside focused time for it now. Goal-setting matters and the person you will be by the end of this year, including accomplishments checked off, progress made, wealth accumulated and dreams attained, will in large part be informed by how clearly, cleverly and strategically you go about this exercise now."

Make a point of reading the rest of Douglas' motivational article today!

To find out more about Douglas Kruger click here

[4 January 2013] - Riaan Manser's new book released!

In March 2011 global adventurer Riaan Manser partnered with Dan Skinstad to paddle around the 5, 000km perimeter of Iceland on a double sea kayak for a four-month period.

Riaan’s book about this journey, “The Iceland Adventure”, was released in December 2012 and can be found in all good book stores.

To find out more about Riaan Manser click here


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