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The Secret of South Africa’s 2018 Top Motivational Speakers

Human beings communicate in a number of ways – the written word, verbally through speech and sounds, and non-verbally by means of gestures, facial expressions, eye contact and body language. Languages, dialects, pronunciation and accents may differ, but speech – an exceptionally powerful tool – remains to be mankind’s primary form of communication.

It has always been so, ever since man’s ancient ancestors began to communicate with grunts, groans, howls, hums, cries and bellows. Virtually every day, people speak, some more and others less, but speak you do, even if only to yourself. Humans have spoken for eons and will undoubtedly be talking next year, in 2018.

People speak to one another automatically, but put this self-same person in front of an audience or group of people, speaking become a terrifying ordeal, best avoided – public and motivational speaking. Nevertheless, you’ll be amazed and delighted when you see how many top motivational speakers are working and working really successfully in South Africa, a country sorely in need of positive motivation as 2018 approaches. You’ll find a host of superb speakers listed with our top professional speakers’ bureau – Marie Grey & Associates. We have the solution to your team’s motivational challenges via our top South African and international speakers.

These well-known interesting, entertaining, and engaging motivational speakers have been sought after in 2017 and will continue to be in demand in 2018. We are also delighted to introduce new members, all at the top of their game, to our professional Marie Grey team in 2018.

Like audience members and our other top motivational speakers, they are a diverse group, from a mentalist, a monster wave surfer and a business guru, to the man who managed to salvage the wrecked Costa Concordia liner and a top satirical political analyst who happens to be a puppet.

If you are planning a conference, workshop, corporate event, team building day, awards evening, sales training seminar or executive meeting in 2018, the services of one of Marie Grey & Associates’ top motivational speakers can transform an ordinary event into one that’s extraordinarily successful and memorable.

Were one to single out a characteristic that 2017/2018’s top motivational speakers have in common, it must be the fact that virtually all these accomplished orators have at some stage of their lives have been challenged, endured setbacks, fought hard to overcome obstacles, and eventually achieved their goals or dreams against all odds. The challenges facing your organisation and team members may be different, but the aspiration and motivation to achieve goals is similar

Top motivational speakers have the ability to capture the attention and imagination of an audience that invariably consists of truly diverse people, a real mix. Effective speakers engage with listeners, sharing their incredible experience and messages, which inspire others to recognise that it is possible to achieve their own goals.

The Secret

The secret of motivating others lies in awakening the desire of others to achieve success and take the necessary actions to do so, as eager, motivated and inspired individuals that together, make up a group or team. The secret of our 2018 top motivational speakers’ success is their ability to do just that – motivate others to great success. Let Marie Grey & Associates put you in touch in 2018 to inspire you or your team.

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