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What Can We Expect to Pay for a Top Motivational Speaker?

Back in the early stages of civilisation and society, leaders had the capability to motivate and inspire their people through speech. Whether they were standing on the battlefield before engaging the enemy knocking at their gates, or delivering the ceremonial toasts at the royal banquet, these leaders inspired the masses through their selective words. Although times have changed and the human culture is more invested in technology, there are still motivational speakers that can inspire people.

Hiring a motivational speaker to do a seminar, will always turn out to be a great idea, as they will leave a lasting impression on everyone attending. These people are gifted, and trained in the art of speech, and how to motivate by just using their words. They are also great fun as toastmasters, and will host an event with little to no problems at all. So, what can we expect to pay for a top motivational speaker?

Factors to Take into Consideration

First of all, you should decide which speaker you would like to book. This usually depends on the type of event you will be booking the speaker for, as the speaker can set a wonderful tone for your event and turn it into a successful one in the end. Obviously, fees vary depending on which speaker you choose, as factors like experience and expertise come into play. If you want the very best, you are going to pay top dollar.

Second on the list is comes the travelling. If you plan to have an academic conference in Cape Town, and want to book a top motivational speaker, but they live in Pretoria, you will have to consider travelling fees as well, not to mention their schedule and the time it would take to travel to the Cape and back. This leads us to another factor – each speaker has their own unique fee structure.

Lastly, you should look at standard fees that speakers may charge. Most speakers charge a basic fee for an hour of their time, depending once again on the location and date of the booking. Taking all these factors into consideration, you will have a pretty good idea of what you can expect to pay for a top motivational speaker for your next big event.

Where Can I Book a Top Motivational Speaker?

At Marie Grey & Associates, we offer some of the best speakers in South Africa. We only work with speakers who have a proven record of accomplishment, and are able to connect with their audience and show their expertise in their respective fields. You can be certain that our speakers will always only deliver the best in their presentations.

If you are interested in booking a top motivational speaker in South Africa, feel free to request a quotation from us, and browse our website for more information on the services that we offer. Should you have any further queries, contact us directly and we will assist you as best as we can.

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