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Why Sportsmen are Such Effective Guest Speakers

Have you ever really thought about why sportsmen make such great guest speakers at virtually any type of gathering or function at which they are engaged to appear? Do you think the fact that they have achieved fame (and possibly fortune) has an influence on whether the general public is eager to attend an event which features a famous person, perhaps enabling those so inclined to boast a little bit later on?

Although South Africans are widely known as a nation of avid sports lovers, there is far more to the appeal of guest speakers who are accomplished sportsmen than the fact that they have become instantly recognisable faces and household names in this country and/or worldwide, and that others would love to emulate them.

Sportsmen, like any other persons delivering a message in the form of public speaking, must have a natural ability to confidently address a gathering of strangers effectively or be trained to do so, particularly because public oration is high up on the list of tasks feared by most people. Familiarity with public appearances may actually provide sportsmen with an advantage.

An Art

It is an art to be able to engage a large group, some of whom may be sceptics or disinterested. The content of the message may be of interest to a wide audience but should nevertheless always be presented in such a way that even those who may not have regarded the subject as interesting become interested. The manner in which the message is put across has to be so engaging that the entire audience is captured.

Vocal tone, diction, pauses, stance, facial expression and body language also convey much. A speaker who fidgets, sways or mumbles will appear ill at ease, lacking credibility and losing the audience’s attention, virtually immediately. An eloquent, clear confident voice projects well to all reaches of the hall or auditorium.

Other Attributes

  • Good sports presenters are passionate, enthusiastic and knowledgeable about their subject, especially when it involves overcoming the multitude of challenges, obstacles, struggles and applying the years of hard work and dedication it takes to achieve the pinnacle of success or their goals in their chosen sport.
  • They connect with and develop a rapport with their audience.
  • Universally, accomplished orators convey a positive attitude, inspiring their listeners to feel equally positive and motivated to pursue their own goals with a “can do” attitude.
  • Content is delivered in a lively, logical and organised manner.
  • Honesty and sincerity prevails throughout.
  • Through delivering a message geared to the hosting organisation’s requirements, guest presenters add enormous value, far beyond their appearance fee. 


Source Legendary Sports Guest Speakers

Since being established some 20 years ago, our concern has become the leader in our field, synonymous with providing legendary sports and other motivational presenters to companies of all descriptions throughout all towns and cities in South Africa – no matter where.

As members of the prestigious IASB (International Association of Speakers Bureaus), our group identifies outstanding orators whose messages assist our clients’ concerns with motivation, leadership, team building, sales, customer service, conflict resolution, managing change and effective communication.

Our attention to detail, outstanding service and commitment to quality, plus the incredible life stories and presentation talents of legendary sportsmen, who are engaged as guest speakers at your function, workshop, seminar or gala event, ensure its resounding success and wow factor.

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