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Pick Your Speaker Bureau in South Africa

For more than 20 years, our reputable speaker bureau has made top South African and international personalities and orators available to assist organisations in delivering specific messages to audiences for numerous purposes and at various functions.

Although each client who approaches our South African speaker bureau has their own unique goal, which they seek to achieve through engaging a professional public speaker, they do have one common aim – adding fresh, quality content to their function.

Why Eminent Personalities Join our Bureau

Because they are so well-known and their faces may be instantly recognisable, most public figures value and protect their privacy, meaning that the public at large would be unable to contact them to secure their services for an event or function.

Some of those who have chosen to work with our bureau have decided to transform their speaking abilities, talents and life changing stories into a career, but need a professional body such as our bureau to represent them, somewhat as an agent would do, in order to facilitate bookings for their services. We are in the fortunate position that our huge list of presenters’ names reads like the “who’s who” of pubic speakers.

What the Bureau Does for Your Organisation

If required, we will help you define your requirements so that we can recommend the ideal speaker to meet your needs. Alternatively, you may have identified the presenter you require, in which case, we will facilitate the booking and all other arrangements with you, quickly, efficiently and professionally.

You may rest assured that all of our orators have all of the experience, expertise and passion to connect and engage with your audience, while they adapt the content of their presentation to meet your objectives, desired outcome and audience profile.

Clients are provided with two forms to complete – an audience profile form, which enables the presenter to focus his/her speech accurately for the your particular group, and briefing notes, in which you stipulate your aims and objectives to which the speaker will refer, in order to adapt the presentation content, style and tone accordingly.

Most of our esteemed speakers are available to chat to clients prior to the event, either in person or telephonically, because the more detailed the information is that they have about the upcoming engagement, the better they are able to adapt and customise their address.

Whether you need a master of ceremonies, a political analyst, scenario planner or futurist, an adventurer, conservationist, entertainer, environmentalist, comedian, satirist, inspirational and motivational presenter, or an economist, you will find all these folks and more at our bureau, ready to engage with your guests or delegates.

Please feel free to have a look at what clients who have utilised our services (some repeatedly, for many years) have to say about us, our service and our speakers; we invite you to join their happy, satisfied ranks, soon.

Our friendly, professional service, backed by the support, talents, passion and stories of our presenters, makes it as easy as pie for you to have the services of a well-known speaker at your next conference or event; it only takes a single phone call or a quick email to our premier South African speaker bureau, and you are set for a successful function which will live on in the memories of your audience.

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