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Leading Speakers Bureau for Great Presenters

Since ancient Roman and Greek times, just about everyone recognises great public orators, something of which we at our reputable speakers bureau are only too aware, since to this very day, public speaking remains an art, one which is generally feared and avoided by most people.

Our speakers bureau was established more than 20 years ago because the need and demand for competent public orators has not diminished throughout the ages, although the content and purpose of their messages may be very different from days of yore.

Great Speakers and Speeches

The power of certain speakers’ abilities and their messages is immense, so much so that there are published lists of numerous influential speeches, considered to be the greatest of all time.

In relatively recent times, one thinks of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, the Second World War speeches of Winston Churchill and those of Adolf Hitler, whose public declarations had extremely negative connotations, but nevertheless swayed the masses in their millions.

Harold Wilson’s “Winds of Change” address on the then Rhodesian question, John F. Kennedy in Berlin, Martin Luther King Jr, Mahatma Ghandi and locally, Madiba’s public addresses are all on record as great orations.

Romans and Greeks

Great ancient Roman orators include Cicero, Cato the Elder, Marcus Antonius (grandfather of Marc Anthony) and Julius Caesar. Oratory was so highly regarded and prized, that it was taught in school. This verbal and intellectual art required its proponents to speak loudly and clearly, dress smartly and have a neat appearance. Scholars of rhetoric (oratory art) required an excellent vocabulary and were expected to use this to their best effect, beyond just knowing many words.

As a very wide ranging subject, great and effective rhetoric relied on an extensive knowledge of history, religion, deities and philosophy, important aspects of Roman life, which could help sway public opinion to agreement with the orator’s point of view or message, much as solid subject and general knowledge does today.

Socrates, Pericles and Demosthenes were some of the most well-regarded Greek orators, resulting in people of various nationalities, including Romans, sending their sons to study rhetoric in Greece under the tutelage of masters of this art.

What is a Public Speaker?

An orator has been defined as a person who publically and verbally “argues or pleads for a cause”, often “before an assembly or court”, in order to convince the audience of the veracity of their message and the wisdom of accepting its content.

Modern public speaking still requires a set of skills in order to be effective and engaging, and is viewed more as communicating with a group, rather than lecture-based message or information delivery. Subject knowledge, confidence, clear tone and voice projection, a friendly disposition and willingness to consider the views of others whilst sharing information, are amongst the attributes of good presenters.

Our Presenters

Our speakers include top political and economic analysts, business and conference specialists, legendary sports figures, adventurers, scenario planners and futurists, comedians and motivational experts and more, all of whom have the experience and ability to inspire an audience.

Give your next conference, training session or event an enormous boost irrespective of your goal, be it motivation, team building, entertainment, change management, leadership or strategy implementation. The expert speakers represented by our leading bureau add enormous value to your event and you will reap the benefits well into the future.

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