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Match the Best Motivational Speaker to Your Next Event

Listening to a series of speeches can be downright tedious and boring, irrespective of the circumstances under which they take place – that is unless the presenters, the content of their messages and their method of delivery is tops, which is why hosts of top notch events ensure that they engage the services of an experienced, lively and interesting motivational speaker.

As South Africa’s leading speakers’ bureau, with more than 20 years’ industry experience behind us, we recognise the value that reputable motivational speakers can bring to your next event, so we have made it our business to represent them, in order to ensure that their expertise is accessible to you, throughout this country.

Highly Regarded Household Names

The people whom we represent are well-known and highly regarded, each in his or her own right – household names throughout South Africa and beyond, ensuring that you have immediate draw cards to whom audiences are attracted; your seats will be filled and your function eagerly anticipated.

A Few of our Truly Inspirational Personalities

  • Riaan Manser - extreme adventurer, best-selling author and first person in the world to circumnavigate the Madagascar solo, in a kayak, in addition to undertaking numerous other adventures, in the true sense of the word.
  • Andrew Merryweather - an enthusiastic, lively motivational speaker who has coped with assault induced paralysis through sheer determination, courage and the application of an astonishingly positive attitude, in order to live his best, productive life, with enjoyment and gusto.
  • Janie du Plessis - a former top international model, TV presenter and a brave breast cancer survivor, who seldom refers to notes when delivering motivational speeches, rather preferring to engage with and tap into her audience.
  • Lewis Pugh - one of the world’s most sought after orators, renowned for his passion, maritime environmentalism, determination and achieving the impossible (the latter also being the title of his best-selling book).
  • Shurnell Andersson - an internationally accredited life coach, orator, inspirational performer, trainer and to boot, a wife and a mum to her children, who manages to motivate others, while balancing her life between her professional career, which includes behaviour change, personal and team transformation, youth development, and her personal responsibilities.
  • Peter van Kets - extreme adventurer, solo Trans-Atlantic rower, conservationist, keynote speaker and contributing columnist for both Leadership and Blue Chip Magazines, to mention only a few of this inspirational man’s achievements.
  • Sibusiso Vilane - conqueror of Mt. Everest and the Andes, and the first South African to complete the Three Poles Challenge. He loves to share his experiences, challenges and inspirational stories with others.

Many, many other well-known local and international personalities, from sports stars, persons who had to overcome incredible physical, mental and emotional challenges, business leaders, scenario planners and futurists, entrepreneurs, to success and self-motivation experts.

Commitment to Quality

We identify and develop new talent, in addition to representing established presenters, whilst our powerful marketing expertise ensures that you get the best oratorical fit, to deliver your desired message to the audience of your choice.

Whatever the nature and purpose of your conference or function, our founder and our team have the expertise to assist you in identifying your specific aims and then selecting the most appropriate motivational speakers for your next event, through our trademark attention to detail, innovative ideas and outstanding service.

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