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The Power of Professional Motivational Speakers

Addressing a gathering is an undertaking that many people choose to avoid. The cause of this tendency is largely fear-based, particularly when the audience is made up of strangers with unfamiliar faces. So, this begs the question: how does one obtain the services of a recognised, effective public speaker who is sufficiently powerful to motivate a group of diverse listeners?

The Solution

Fortunately, it is as simple and straightforward as placing a phone call or sending an email to our renowned speakers’ bureau, letting us know about your unique requirements, your audience profile and the purpose of your gathering. We will assist you in selecting the best motivational speaker accordingly, taking care of all of the details from this point onwards.  

Art and Science

Successful public and, particularly, motivational speaking abilities are an art and a science, subtly and seamlessly operating in close conjunction with one another, and our bureau provides you with a host of innovative, creative and inspiring orators and presenters who have skilfully mastered both disciplines.

Banish Boredom

Audience members tend to groan inwardly when the time arrives for speeches to be delivered, knowing full well how boring it may be when confronted with a presenter who drones on and on in a tedious monotone, talking a lot, but saying little of interest or consequence.

However, the group will eagerly anticipate the arrival of virtually any one of our professional local, national or international orators at the podium; such is their reputation, their talent and the universal appeal of their skilfully relayed inspirational stories, experiences and life lessons.

Escape the Comfort Zone

It is human nature to prefer the perceived security of familiar surroundings, routine, people and situations which represent one’s comfort zone.

Anything which rocks the boat by disturbing this convenient state and place of equilibrium is frequently viewed with suspicion, trepidation or resistance, negative emotions resulting from fear of the unknown, failure or being found wanting or lacking the ability to cope in an unusual endeavour or situation.

Unless there is a good reason to escape one’s comfort zone, most people generally prefer to stay within it. Looking forward to breaking into new territory or adopting a new mindset cannot be enforced. It has to be a voluntary action in order to be effective and achieve the desired results.

Power of Words

Although effective communication is a multifaceted art, encompassing tone, inflection, vocabulary, sound levels, eye contact, mutual rapport, focus, credibility, subject and self-knowledge, body language and confidence, actual words still hold the ultimate power. Words remain the primary communication tools of human beings.

How they are used defines their impact and power to inspire, persuade, sway and stir the imagination, thoughts and emotions. Words may entertain, amuse, exhort, teach or motivate, moving thoughts and mindsets into take action.

These are the tools required to motivate groups of people in order to achieve any number of results, from committing to a common goal, a new strategy, process or structure, improving systems and sales figures, building team coherence, and developing leadership and leaders.

Find Your Ideal Presenter

We invite you to browse through the profiles of our sought after, top business and motivational speakers, scenario planners, political and economic experts, MCs, team building facilitators, comedians, entertainers and inspirational presenters, ensuring the resounding success of your next conference, meeting, seminar, event, function or gala do.

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