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Top Masters of Ceremonies for Memorable Functions

You have set the date, booked your venue, made all of the necessary arrangements for caterers, the menu, beverages and decor has been decided upon and guest numbers have been confirmed, but have you given thought to who is to perform the important duty of master of ceremonies?

Why Have a Master of Ceremonies

When hosting a function or event, it is crucial to ensure that the occasion be structured, in order to keep the various aspects running smoothly, according to an agenda or defined schedule. The more formal the affair, the more important it becomes to adhere to the schedule; someone has to be in charge of seeing to this and presiding over the event as a whole...the master of ceremonies.

This person’s duties may vary according to the occasion, the host’s wishes and the programme of the event. He/she takes on the role of host, welcoming and thanking guests, making announcements and providing entertainment, or may be responsible for introducing guest speakers, other entertainers and performers.

His or Her Role

It truly takes more than having the gift of the gab to become a competent master of ceremonies, although some hosts will ask a verbally skilled friend or family member to undertake this task, or even do it themselves, if the function is small and intimate, perhaps a wedding or an informal occasion.

However, for corporate or charity events, functions at which members of the public make reservations, gala events and product launches, the skills of an experienced public speaker are vital to ensure the affair’s order and success.

The best MCs, such as those whom our company represent, engage the audience with ease, building an air of anticipation the moment that they appear. They achieve this whilst still ensuring that every part of the function happens in a smoothly flowing fashion, within set time constraints, but without appearing to be hurried.

What You May Expect

Most of our masters of ceremonies are well-known, possessing solid reputations in various fields of expertise, which precede their appearance; they are sought after public performers in their own right. Amongst our ranks, you will find top radio and TV presenters, comedians, singers, actors, performers, award-winning investigative journalists, illusionists, satirists, storytellers and accomplished sports personalities.

Our speakers’ bureau team assists clients in defining their specific requirements and engaging the personality who will best suit the occasion and its goals. Attention to detail and world-class service is guaranteed every step of the way, whilst we conform to the Code of Ethics of the IASB (international trade association of speaker bureaux and agencies), of which we are a member.

You will be assured of having a thoroughly prepared, genial host, who will engage with your audience through humour, professional poise, and an ability to ad-lib interactively, when necessary. Guests will be welcomed with sincere warmth and kept engaged as the programme unfolds and flows seamlessly, enabled by the MC’s skills in bridging the various segments of the event in the most entertaining, engaging manner.
On conclusion of the occasion, your guests will again be acknowledged and thanked for their attendance, departing on time, happy that they have attended, and enjoyed themselves and the occasion.

Everyone appreciates a function which runs to its planned time; with the services of one of our proficient masters of ceremonies, yours will proceed like clockwork, yet subtly – no one will be consciously aware of all of the underlying arrangements underpinning your highly enjoyable, successful event.

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