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The Value of a Good Keynote Speaker for Your Event

It is easy to underestimate the value of a great keynote speaker because it seems like a little bit of a frivolous and indulgent expense. The fact is that the true worth of a great keynote speaker is often more important than you realise – their job is to create a speech that will not only enhance the value of the event you are hosting, but will also define the theme! Whether corporate, entertaining or political, they serve to make a point that will hopefully resonate with the audience and inspire and motivate them into a particular action. A great speaker wields an inanimate influence over the audience that simply cannot be replicated by just anyone, and if you have a particular objective in mind for your employees, you have to tap into the power of a great keynote speaker at your next corporate event.

Keynote speakers have to commit to doing a particular type of preparation in order to make their speeches more effective. It is important for the keynote speaker to find out who he/she will be speaking to and the type of expertise needed about the particular topic, as they will have to write a speech that will interest and excite the audience. The delivery of the speech is almost as important as the contents of it, and it is best to get speakers who are subject matter experts, if particular topics are to be addressed or clarified.

The theme of the speech is also important, so it is vital that the keynote speaker is knowledgeable about the topic. While it is possible for good keynote speakers to research a particular topic and talk about it in a knowledgeable way, it is better to find a speaker that has experience with the particular topic to be addressed and someone who has talked about it before.

That said, a great keynote speaker is usually able to captivate an audience regardless of the topic, and they should be able to inspire and motivate people with their delivery. They usually use humour and interesting anecdotes to keep the audience engaged, and give factual information at the times that it is needed to inform the audience.

There are many great keynote speakers in South Africa and they can be booked according to your event and their availability. At Marie Grey & Associates, we specialise in finding the best keynote speakers for your event, and we have a lot of very able and interesting people on our books. We don’t deal with amateur speakers. All the speakers we provide are well-informed, inspirational and experienced speakers who can enthral your audience, regardless of the topic of the speech. We will be able to provide you with the best value for money and get you a speaker that suits your event and your budget. We also have comedians, Masters of Ceremonies and a variety of international speakers.

Give us a call to find your next phenomenal speaker for your event!

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