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Why You Should Hire Guest Speakers for Your Next Corporate Event

It is true that a good keynote speaker can often cost quite a bit of money, but because they provide such great return on investment, it is well worth the cost to hire guest speakers, especially if it is for an event that aims to raise money or create awareness around a particular issue. They can help to set the tone for the event, provide information, motivate people and provide entertainment, and a good keynote speaker will certainly bring a lot of value to the event.

Whether it is an industry leader, a well-known celebrity or a sports star with a story to tell, they will engage and entertain the audience, while at the same time educating and motivating them. They provide a unique experience for the attendees that they will remember, and as a result, they will be more likely to attend any future events that you may organise. Other reasons to hire guest speakers for your next function include the following:

  • Increased attendance of the event: If you hire guest speakers that are known in their industry or to the audience members, they are more likely to attend your event. Conferences can cost a lot of money, and bringing in as many attendees as possible will always remain of importance. A bigger audience increases the revenue, and this will usually justify the cost of great guest speakers.
  • Enhanced credibility: If you pick your guest speakers well, it can greatly enhance the perception of the event in the eye of potential attendees. Ensure that you get a guest speaker that is not only a great storyteller, but also well-known in the industry or to the audience. This creates the idea that the event is THE one to attend and given the choice, the potential audience will be more likely to attend an event with a good guest speaker, than one that doesn’t have a familiar name in the line-up.
  • Provide valuable information: People who want to lead in their industry invariably follow the work of other industry leaders, especially when it comes to new innovations, management styles, strategies and other concepts that can help to improve their chances of becoming an industry leader. If you pick an industry leader that is known to the audience, they will want to come and learn from the speaker who can impart information that the audience will not necessarily have access to anywhere else. It also gives them an opportunity to have questions answered and to meet subject matter experts that can provide them with information that can help them in the industry.
  • Better engagement: A great guest speaker will know how to engage your audience and know which questions to ask to draw in participation and interaction with the audience. They will be able to captivate the attention of the audience with a strong message that is relevant to them. This is why it is important to ask the right questions before you hire guest speakers – it is essential that the speaker is a good fit for your audience!

If you need to hire guest speakers for your event, please contact our team at Marie Grey & Associates. We have a great variety of outstanding speakers and will help you find the guest speaker that is the best fit for your event!

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