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Hire a Master of Ceremonies

Why You Should Hire a Master of Ceremonies for Your Next and Future Event

Many people, when orchestrating an event, spend money on renting the venue, choosing the best caterers, sorting out the bar, taking care of the sound system, and so on. Usually, and disastrously, many people either don’t think about or underestimate the value of hiring a master of ceremonies for the event. Instead, they put all their time, budget and commitment in taking painstaking care in all of the finer details of the event and think about asking one of the company’s managers, or the bride’s older relative, the groom’s best friend or whoever else to take care of the emceeing the event.

There will always be very good reasons why you should not go down that path. Hiring a professional master of ceremonies, MC, will help lend a professional air to your event. It doesn’t matter that you opted for the expensive catering, all the lush furnishings, lighting, sound and equipment if you don’t have a professional speaker to round it all off.

Here are only a few of the reasons why it will always pay to opt for hiring a master of ceremonies to take the helm of the programme for the event.

Why should you hire a professional speaker?

One of the first reasons why many people opt for a professional speaker at their event is that they want someone who is able to perform well under pressure. When all the lights are on the manager, grandpa, dad or Uncle Andrew, will they be able to carry over their charisma the same way they can in a small group? Professional speakers, like a master of ceremonies, are trained and gifted in being equally comfortable on stage speaking in a clearly formal situation as they are in making a connection with a small group of people.

As most would undoubtedly know, there is nothing more painfully awkward than seeing a fellow co-worker struggle uncomfortably on stage in front of their peers. Regardless of who is being honoured at the event, or what the business may be celebrating, it will all be upstaged and overshadowed by this awkward distraction.

Being Charismatic vs. Having Material

Your manager or relative may be clever, witty and charismatic around lunch or in the boardroom, but there is definitely a big difference between someone being a conversationalist and being able to connect to a large group of people. While naturally charismatic people are fun to be around with, you need a professional, seasoned speaker who is able to use it as part of their presentation and not wholly depend on it. Instead, when hiring a professional master of ceremonies, you know that you will receive a professional speaker that has material to fall back on and not just rely on their natural wit and charm to get them through the event.

Professional and Seasoned Masters of Ceremonies from Marie Grey & Associates

Marie Grey & Associates is one of South Africa’s leading professional Speaker’s Bureau. For many years Marie Grey & Associates have been supplying South Africa with the best professional speaker talent that the industry has to offer. We have become synonymous with inspiration and motivational speakers that are dedicated and professional, with gifted masters of ceremonies, economists, political analysts and speakers on ecology, among many others.

We also have an extensive network of professional keynote speakers who are able to assist with:

  • Conflict resolution;
  • Innovation;
  • Motivation of your team;
  • Leadership and teamwork;
  • Managing change, sales and service;
  • Communication, strategy and competition, among many other points.


We will work with you to provide you with the best professional speaker for your event. Marie Grey & Associates have invested heavily in making sure the process to hire a master of ceremonies through us is as hassle-free and friendly as possible. It is because of our dedication to professional conduct and offering our clients the best value for money that we have been able to continue our growth throughout the years.

To learn why it makes sense to hire a professional master of ceremonies through Marie Grey & Associates and how you can benefit from partnering with us, contact Marie Grey & Associates today.

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