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How to Ensure that Your Event Guest Speaker has the Best Possible Impact on Your Audience

Are you hosting an event, function or corporate gathering and considering hiring an event guest speaker? Keynote speakers are a popular perk to include for such occasions and when you choose the right one, it’s well worth the cost. There are a few things that you can do to ensure that your event guest speaker has the best possible impact on your audience. Below are a few tips, words of advice and considerations for you when seeking out the best guest speaker for the job:

  • Ensure that your guest speaker makes his or her address before any meals are served. Perhaps allow drinks and mingling followed by your guest speaker’s address. At this point of the function, your guests will be more intent on listening and absorbing what is being said, without too many distractions or feeling lazy from a big meal and too many drinks.
  • Don’t insist that your event guest speaker use your graphic or branding templates. Most speakers will achieve the best results when given the freedom to be creative and use their own brand – after all, that is why you have hired them.
  • Get a better feel for the personality and effectiveness of the professional speaker by asking to see a sample video clip before you hire them. Most keynote speakers have videos or even clips of previous events that they have spoken at, to show you.
  • Start looking around for the right guest speaker a few months in advance. This will ensure that you secure the right speaker for the job and aren’t left disappointed. Most event guest speakers are booked out about 6 months before the event, but this is not always the case. Never dismiss a speaker because you think you have left it too late – always make enquiries.
  • Try to choose a speaker who has experience or know-how in your particular industry. It is also a good idea to hire someone who can entertain the audience, while presenting their case. You don’t want your guests getting bored and their minds wandering.
  • Use a booking agency to gather samples and details of a variety of keynote speakers, so that you have a varied choice. You will find it hard to contact popular professional speakers on your own, and an agent will be able to speed up and simplify the process for you.

At Marie Grey & Associates, we have access to some of the country’s finest event guest speakers. In fact, when looking for an event guest speaker, we will present you with options that we feel are viable. Files on each speaker will be provided to you, so that you can learn more about the speaker, what they expect in terms of remuneration and what sort of events they have spoken at in the past.

If you are looking for an event guest speaker who is professional and effective, take the time to contact us via email or telephone at Marie Grey & Associates. We will ensure that your every need is attended to.

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