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Book A Guest Speaker


Why It’s Important To Book A Guest Speaker

A guest speaker is someone who can inform, motivate and inspire people to achieve success in life or to overcome an obstacle.

When you put a lot of different personalities in a group and ask them to work together, there will be some personality clashes and not everyone will work together in complete harmony. Because a guest speaker is usually a total stranger to the group, it is easier for him to point out problems at work functions or teamwork workshops.

Why book a guest speaker?

  • You want your convention speaker to inform
  • You want your conference speaker to inspire
  • You want your guest speaker to motivate
  • You want your conference speaker to entertain

If you want your attendees to walk away from the conference feeling more motivated and knowing more, and ready to use that knowledge and new-found drive to make your organisation, or their businesses, more successful than ever, it is a wise decision to book a guest speaker.

Aspects to consider when you want to book a guest speaker

  • Money – what is your budget or what are you prepared to spend on a guest speaker?
  • Attendees – what type of person will be attending?
  • Goal – what is your goal with the whole guest speaker concept?
  • Theme – if there is a theme, it is important to choose a guest speaker who fill fit right in.

There are many types of guest speakers out there; from famous athletes, business people, and presidents to actors and singers. Some guest speakers are purely there to entertain, some guest speakers have gone through the same experience that the attendees have gone through and are there to motivate. Some guest speakers share their business knowledge while others encourage attendees to take control of their lives.

Whatever your need and purpose, make sure you book a guest speaker who your attendees can relate to.

For more information on how to book a guest speaker, please feel free to contact us.


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