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How To Make A Success Of All Your Presentations

For some people, speaking in front of a group comes naturally. For others, it is one of the most terrifying experiences of their lives. Presentations are meant to inform the audience and the presenters play a huge role in the concept.

Good presentations contain at least four elements:

  • Content – It contains information that people need. Presentations must account for how much the audience can absorb in one sitting.
  • Structure – It has a logical beginning, middle and end. It must be sequenced and paced so that the audience can understand it.
  • Packaging – It must be well prepared. The audience is at the mercy of the presenter.
  • Human element – The presenter must analyse the audience’s needs to keep them interested.

Unfortunately, most presenters often rely on their visual aids too much and lose touch with the audience. While visual aids like flip charts, slides or handouts can compliment presentations, they can also kill them. It is important for the presenters to remember not to include too much copy in their visual aids and to use as many bold colours and pictures as possible.

Presenters should always be prepared to use an alternative approach if the one they have chosen seem to bore the audience. They should be confident enough with their own material so that the audience’s interests and concerns determine the outline.

A lot of memorable presentations over the years are ones that contained a joke or two. While jokes can lighten the mood and entertain the audience, some situations do not cater for light hearted moments and this is where more serious presentations will work better.

Successful presentations capture the audience’s interest and imagination. Good presenters and/or visual aids can make or break great presentations.

For more information on presentations and how to make a success of them, please contact us.


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