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Gifted SA Motivational Speakers


Gifted SA Motivational Speakers

Motivational speakers are professional speakers who make speeches intended to motivate and/or inspire an audience. Many companies hire motivational speakers to communicate company strategy with clarity and help employees to see the future in a positive light while inspiring workers to operate as a team.

International motivational speakers like Tony Robbins and Lance Armstrong are well known in this field and very popular among companies. Gifted SA motivational speakers include:

  • Athlete – Bruce Fordyce
  • Economist – Mike Schussler
  • Radio Personality – Jenny Crwys-Williams

While there are many famous people out there who has had some success with their life and like to speak at formal events for a fee, the real gifted SA motivational speakers are those people who can relate with their audience in such a way that the message behind the story is immediately grasped and understood.

What role can gifted South African motivational speakers play in a company?

  • Some motivational speakers have truly extraordinary experiences to share with others, but lack the skills to share that experience with others and motivate them with their message. Other motivational speakers have all the enthusiasm needed to keep an audience interested, but lack the really good material. Truly gifted SA motivational speakers can inspire and motivate employees.
  • The way they do this is by sharing with the audience stories of their own success and/or other people’s success as well as strategies that were used to get there. Some speakers use tragic events or negative situations like the global recession to teach the audience a lesson and motivate them to overcome the obstacles in their lives.

Motivated employees are driven and inspired to succeed. They are optimistic about the future and this will show in their work. Hiring gifted SA motivational speakers is an investment for a company looking to develop and grow.

For more information on gifted SA motivational speakers, feel free to contact us.


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