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Keynote Speaker

Why Hire a Keynote Speaker for your Next Event?

Many companies have discovered the value that a keynote speaker can offer their businesses and organisations. These professional speakers have been trained to set the stage and create the mood for the rest of the event, as well as to bring together a group of people for the same purpose. As gifted speakers, they will also have an upbeat effect on your entire audience throughout the conference, even well after the event has ended.

By understanding this it becomes clear as day the value that a keynote speaker can add to any event. Selecting the best suited speaker will be necessary to effectively carry over your message to the audience. This is where the importance comes in of matching the speaker to the theme that you would like your audience to learn or take away from the conference.

Which Keynote Speaker Should You Opt For?

In general, you will find that there are a few ways of categorising gifted keynote speakers. The first and most common style of keynote speaking is the motivational speaker. These speakers usually bank on specific accomplishments such as being a sports star or a celebrity to add credibility to their area of expertise. It is also used as a way to becoming a recognised author and further cement their leadership status in the industry.

While these speakers might tend to have a similar theme wherever they appear, they can still work with you to incorporate your specific concerns in their presentation and adapt their theme and presentation to the event and its requirements.

Another type of keynote speaker is the technical expert. While you will find value in their technical knowledge and expertise, these speakers are rarely as motivational and engaging as motivational speakers. This not because of any express shortcomings of theirs, but it’s merely because their subject is more technical and applicable rather than inspirational, so the audience is very target specific.

Other gifted public speakers include the master of ceremony. These speakers will guide your event along from start through to the end. Their electric personalities will also help to avoid any stalemate or awkward moments during the evening and their natural charm will keep everyone comfortable and at ease, driving the evening forward at a comfortable pace.

These are only a few of the reasons why it makes sense to hire a keynote speaker for your next event. With their great presentation and public speaking skills you and your guests will have a great time at your event.

Gifted Keynote Speakers from Marie Grey and Associates

If you are looking for a partner for your next event, then partner with Marie Grey & Associates. We are South Africa’s leading professional speakers bureau and make available our expertise to our clients’ benefit. With more than two decades’ of experience to fall back on, we have become synonymous with representing the best professional speaker in the industry.

At present we represent leading speakers in the following arenas:

  • Top business and conference speakers;
  • Gifted motivational and inspirational speakers;
  • Speakers on ecology and the planet;
  • Economists and political analysts; and
  • Global adventurers and sports legends, to name only a few.


We are committed to the success of your event and will work in close conjunction with you to ensure that you are partnered with the best speaker for your event.

Our keynote speakers are able to assist your business or organisation with information regarding:

  • Teamwork and leadership;
  • Managing change in the corporate environment;
  • Innovation, strategy and competition; and
  • Also motivating your team and many other topics.


When partnering with Marie Grey & Associates you will enjoy instant access to the most extensive list of conference and keynote speakers in South Africa. You’ll also enjoy world class service and attention to detail, with the quickest turnaround time in the business today. These are only a few of the many reasons why it makes sense to partner with our team at Marie Grey & Associates.

We continue to work hard to provide our valued clients with only the very best value for money. When you are planning your next leadership conference or motivational seminar, you know who will be your partner in sourcing the very best and gifted keynote speakers in South Africa.

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