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Inspirational Speakers for Events

What Value Can Inspirational Speakers for Events Offer Your Company?

The 21st century is largely regarded as the age of extreme power and growth, but growth, whether professional or personal can’t come about without blood and sweat. People have to toil away day and night to achieve the power and success that they’re after. At every step they have to stay one step ahead of their competitors who are just as motivated, talented and success hungry as they are. At one point or another, your staff may become worn down and discouraged in their pursuit of success and feel overpowered by the steep competition. In response to this many companies are turning to talented inspirational speakers they hire for events to motivate their staff again.

Companies have a duty to provide their employees with the skills to deal with the incredible levels of stress and pressure they deal with in their daily work lives. Many companies are waking up to this responsibility and are using talented inspirational speakers for events hosted by the company for its employees. These gifted speakers can communicate inspirational messages to the workforce, motivate them again to become excited about their work but also teach them stress coping mechanisms and how to deal with the pressure that comes with a high-pressure position.

These are only a few of the ways in which inspirational speakers for events can help your staff to remain competitive, inspired and focused to achieve the weighty goals of success they aspire to. However, it’s not the only way they can offer value to your company.

When you organise events for your company, it’s not always only for staff. Perhaps you’re holding an event specifically geared towards investors? In this instance you will have a lot of figures, numbers, statistics and other information you’ll want to impart to them. Why make it a dreary situation? A gifted inspirational speaker for events can help you to entertain and motivate your audience while sneaking in the information you want to carry over. This will help you to pull off a successful event but also have your audience leave feeling inspired and positive about your company.

Choosing the Correct Inspirational Speaker for your Event

There are of course various things you’ll need to keep in mind when choosing your motivational speaker. Each company is different and so is each speaker. What works for one company may not work for another so you’ll have to be smart when choosing your inspirational speaker.

The first question to keep in mind is to ask the prospective speaker what their field of interest or expertise is. Also, how many years’ public speaking experience do they have and what was the largest crowd they have ever spoken in front of?

A great way to aid your search is to partner with a speakers bureau. At Marie Grey & Associates you receive more than two decades’ worth of experience to your benefit. We are South Africa’s leading professional speakers bureau and represent the best talent in the inspirational speaker for events industry.

We represent top speakers, business speakers, masters of ceremony and inspirational speakers, among many other professional and experienced public speakers. Our speakers are able to provide your company with information regarding:

  • Leadership;
  • Teamwork;
  • Change management;
  • Motivating your team;
  • Innovation, sales and service and conflict resolution, and much more.


When partnering with Marie Grey & Associates you will have instant access to the best conference speakers in the country. You will also receive the quickest turnaround time in the business and experience world class service to boot. We wil partner with you for your event and work with you to help ensure that not only you receive the best value for money but that you will also enjoy a world class experience.

If you are looking to learn more about Marie Grey & Associates, and would like to find out how you can benefit from partnering with us, contact us today. Our gifted inspirational speakers for events will help to make any of your events a memorable and successful gathering. We are committed to the success of each of our clients’ events and will work hard to far exceed all your expectations and demands.

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