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Business Speakers

The Right Business Speakers Can Be A Great Investment

As a business person, how many meetings, conferences and talks have you attended already? Probably a significant number. There must have certainly been a few that you remember where the speaker was entertaining and informative, making you feel ready to take on the world again as you came out of the talk. But for every one of those, how many were there that simply rambled on, without you absorbing a single word of what they said? While business speakers can be exceptionally valuable, given it is the right speaker and the right topic, there are many of them that simply seems to be wasting your time. But those who grasp your imagination and twist it in ways you never thought imaginable... these are the business speakers who are absolutely priceless.

In order for business speakers to be truly effective, they need to deliver the message we need to hear in our current business environment, but in a way that we do not expect. Business is not always the most exciting topic, and many individuals believe that they know all they need to. By taking an unexpected approach and taking the imagination of the audience captive, a gifted business speaker can not only entertain his or her audience, but inform them, change their opinions and attitudes and teach them something new.

An interesting phenomenon that is seen in South Africa is the rise of extremely effective business speakers who are, in fact, not even involved in the business world – not in the traditional sense in any case. Mostly rugged men and women with little formal business training, the South Africans combine a knack for the theatrical with a common-sense understanding of corporate needs. Experience in the bush, whether hunting animals or documenting age-old customs, is their most saleable credential. Though their stories and approaches vary, the basic message is similar: Look no further than the great African plain – to its people and its wildlife – for the secrets to commercial success.

To find out more about this new breed of business speakers, or about those taking a more conventional approach, contact Marie Grey and Associates. With more than 20 years' experience, we are the leading Professional Speakers Bureau in South Africa.

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