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Conference Speakers

Different Types of Conference Speakers – Which one is best for your event?

In most instances, you will be able to form an accurate impression on the talent and skill of conference speakers after only one meeting with them. These talented public speakers normally have larger than life personalities, are enigmatic and confident and can connect with people and their audience. It’s important for the conference speaker to be able to connect with his or her audience, to inspire them while at the same time carrying over important information and to leave them feeling uplifted, passionate and excited – the same way you should feel after concluding your meeting with them.

There are specific categories of speakers in the public speaking marketplace. These professionals perform at conventions and conferences and corporate events and perform a specific and important role in the event. When choosing the conference speaker for your event, you need to decide what role they will be playing in the success of the event. Will they simply be filling in some time during the event? Will they be delivering a key note address to the attendees? Are they there to entertain, inspire and motivate? Getting to the crux of the role they need to play will help you to make the best decision when hiring the speaker.

Four Types of Conference Speakers

Understanding the objectives of the event can help you to hire the best speaker available for the event. In the interest of brevity, this article shall focus only on four types of conference speakers who, depending on the objectives of your event, will be best geared to successfully speak at the event:

  • The Content Speaker – In most cases, the content speaker will be the enigmatic speaker that can really drive a message home. Whether it is technology, business or theory related, the role of the content speaker is to educate and engage with the audience.
  • The Entertainer – From the performer to after-dinner speaker or comedian, the role of the entertainer is to primarily entertain the crowd and to have fun.
  • Inspirational Speaker – These speakers usually share their own story which could often be tragic, but ends in a story of inspiration and triumph.
  • The Motivational Speaker – A speaker who’s achieved great things. These could be celebrities or ex-sporting heroes who relate their tales to the event and can inspire and motivate people to take a specific action.

These are some of the speakers that will help you to pull off a successful event.

Marie Grey & Associates Experienced Conference Speakers

At Marie Grey & Associates, you will find a bureau of South Africa’s leading professional speakers. From its inception over two decades ago, Marie Grey & Associates have evolved to become equalled to the top conference and business speakers, most gifted inspirational speakers, speakers on ecology and the planet, political analysts and economists and sports legends, among many other talented speakers.

Our seasoned and professional keynote speakers can provide assistance to your company with information regarding the following:

  • Leadership
  • Manage change
  • Teamwork
  • Sales and Service
  • Innovation
  • Conflict resolution
  • Motivating your team
  • Communication, strategy, competition and a lot of other services.


It couldn’t be easier to choose and book your leading public speaker. With one simple call, you will have access to the very best conference speakers in the country while also receiving a quickest turnaround time in the motivational speaking industry.

All our valued clients receive a world class service from Marie Grey & Associates and we pay painstaking attention to detail. You will also gain a “Partner” in your event planning, and receive the very best value for money when making use of our conference speakers and services. You will receive the best service possible from South Africa’s longest established and most respected speakers bureau.

If you are in the process of planning your next leadership or sales conference, motivational seminar or management meeting, then remember to make use of Marie Grey & Associates to provide you with an enigmatic, inspirational, talented and positive conference speaker for your next event.

If you would like to learn more about our value-adding services, and would like to book your next talented conference speaker, then contact Marie Grey & Associates today.

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