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Motivational Speakers SA

Value of Motivational Speakers for Small and Large Businesses in SA

One of the misconceptions about motivational speakers in SA is that they only offer value for money to larger corporations. Smaller businesses often shy away from the idea of getting an outside and well-known speaker to address their employees simply because they believe that the expenses will outweigh the benefits and that their company will not be an attractive option for a reputable speaker.

With such then, many smaller companies lose out on the benefits of hiring a reputable motivational speaker. Indeed, some of the speakers may even prefer smaller audiences and rates overall are affordable.

So what exactly does the motivational speaker offer your business?

Sales teams, real estate agents, and marketers all benefit from inspirational messages. Administrative staff, book club members, and even middle management employees can do with a message that hits home every so once in a while.

Even when you have the best speaker in your company to motivate and inspire, employees often listen more attentively when the speaker is not directly related to the company, and especially if the speaker is an author or celebrity.

By hiring an external speaker you show your employees that you care enough to invest in their personal and career development. It also helps to bring home a message that might otherwise have been lost simply because the employees would have been too familiar with the in-house speaker.

Motivational speakers don’t just share success stories and provide guidance. They also share about failures and means to overcome. When a sales team has a difficult time to meet the company sales targets, they can become discouraged. This is when a well-delivered message from an external source is often enough to get the creative juices flowing again.

Such speakers can bridge communication gaps and bring employees and management groups together. They are always well appreciated when change needs to be addressed in a company.

Key elements for ensuring value for money

With the focus of business being profit, it goes without saying that a solid return on the investment should be expected. When it comes to something such as hiring a speaker it can be difficult to measure the value of the speaker. Employees may forget the message shortly after and the costs may never be recouped. Since the value is not directly measurable, you will want to ensure that the speaker meets specific criteria. This is, however, where you also have a responsibility.

It’s essential to communicate your expectations and keynote focus to the speaker. Unless the speaker knows what you intend to accomplish with the message you cannot expect the speaker to deliver the perfect message. Note that you have to determine the date, audience, location, and duration of the message. Once you have determined the above, you should also consider your budget.

How much should you invest?

The answer to the question of how much to spend reasonably is simple – what you can afford. Note that if you become too budget conscious that you may also end up with less than what you hoped for simply because you cannot expect to buy a mansion for the price of a two bedroom apartment. At the same token, it is wise to keep costs within reasonable limits. This is also the reason why making use of a well-known and trusted public speaker’s bureau is the best way to ensure affordability and quality.

What is the role of the speaker’s bureau?

A professional speaker’s bureau in SA has an extensive network of inspiring and trusted speakers for events, gala dinners, conferences, and seminars. Our team at Marie Grey & Associates for instance, seeks out excellent speakers and can help you determine which speaker will be best suited for your particular event, audience, and the message you want delivered.

Whether you need a speaker to address your sales team, want someone who can assist with a powerful management message or a person known for superb leadership messages, we offer you a turn-key solution for all your events.

We have streamlined the process of finding and booking a suitable speaker and provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. In essence, we take the guess work and risk out of hiring motivational speakers.

View the categories of available speakers in SA and contact us today to find out how you can book a motivational speaker for your next event.

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