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Inspirational Motivational Speakers

How to Select Inspirational Motivational Speakers

Inspirational motivational speakers can be celebrities and unknown personalities, but they share the common element of being able to connect with the audience and delivering a powerful message that inspires and motivates.

Inspirational motivational speakers cannot fix a deeper company problem in just one guest speaking address. When it thus comes to expectations, you should also be realistic. As captivating as the message can be, it is just the start of change, motivation and inspiration.

By making sure that you select the best inspirational or motivational speaker for your specific message, purpose and audience you already set the stage for a successful delivery of a powerful and often life changing message.  A few tips are shared below to help you through the process of locating and selecting a speaker to address your audience.

Background sheets

A person’s CV is a summary of education, awards, achievements and experience. It can be impressive, but what you really want to study is the speaker’s background information. This will give you some insight into the speaker’s area of expertise, the typical topics that can be addressed and the audiences that the speaker has addressed in the past.

Fee structure

Don’t be fooled with excessive speaker rates. Some speakers charge more whilst you can get the same high quality message delivered at a reasonable price. The more experienced speakers that are high in demand may charge more, but if you work through MG& A Speakers Bureau, you can be assured that all the inspirational and motivational speakers available have experience, are sought-after and will deliver.


It is rare to find a speaker that can address an audience without having background on the audience. We suggest that you use the written brief to provide the speaker with background on your objectives, any specific expectations, and information on the audience and your company or organisation. This will help the speaker to tailor a message to your specific requirements.

Join networks and associations

Some of the best speakers may already be a part of your circle of influence if you belong to professional associations and make use of social media networking tools to expand your business contacts. Ask your friends about people they know and have listened to.

Demographics of your audience

Understand your audience and help the speaker to also get a glimpse of your audience in the briefing. A political analyst can be an excellent motivational speaker for a socio-economic cause, but will hardly be welcomed by a school group. You can likewise not expect a military expert to address a fashion design group and hope to inspire them. As such it is essential to match the speaker with the audience.

Fortunately our team can help. Simply provide us with more details about the objectives, occasion, length of address and the type of message you want delivered and we will provide you with a list of relevant speakers. You are also welcome to browse our speaker categories and to read about their backgrounds.

Save money

Save money by booking all your speakers from one reputable speaker’s bureau for your event. In this way you can negotiate better rates also when it comes to accommodation and transport for the speakers.


Check the references offered. When making use of a speaker’s bureau such as MG & A you will have access to references. This can be useful in determining whether you want the specific speaker or would rather select another one. No references should raise the red flag.

Written quote

Get a written quote and make sure you know exactly what is included in the price. We find that clients prefer to make accommodation, care hire and transport arrangements directly with the speakers. We can assist with such upon request. Note that it’s more affordable to hire a local speaker for an event since the travel costs are normally for your account.

Entertainer or motivational speaker?

Some speakers are exceptionally talented entertainers, but if you want a truly inspiring and relevant motivational message, stay clear from the speakers that are simply out to make people laugh. The opposite is also true. You want the perfect blend. Decide how entertaining the speaker must be as opposed to how strong the message should be. Once you have determined the right balance you are ready to select a speaker.

View our list of inspirational and motivational speakers and contact us today to discuss your particular requirements.

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