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Inspiring Motivational Speakers

Enjoy Listening to the Nation’s Most Inspiring Motivational Speakers

When reaching the monthly sales target or passing that crucial exam appears impossible, a few words from one of South Africa’s inspiring motivational speakers could make all the difference. Such interactions are repeatedly seen to have the power to turn imminent failure into unqualified success.

As children, the words of a parent were often enough to allay our doubts and fears and to replace lethargy and reticence with energy and enthusiasm. Later, in adulthood, the power of carefully chosen words is no less valid. They are, however, invariably a good deal more effective when they are spoken by someone who has, perhaps, overcome a number of failures before attaining his or her eventual success and who is suitably skilled in the art of their delivery.

Even individuals such as politicians, actors and entertainers who have already achieved more success than many, can, on occasions, be afflicted with self-doubt and such people almost always have their gurus to whom they turn for support in such times. In the world of sport, even champion swimmers, tennis stars and winning soccer or rugby teams can all be seen to perform measurably better when suitably encouraged by the words of their coach.

Throughout history, there have been numerous examples of the incredible power of a skilled orator to incite action both for good and for evil – prophets, philosophers, statesmen and military leaders whose words were able to rouse entire nations and promote unity of purpose. Today, when more than ever, so many appear to be in need of an inspiring word, we are most fortunate to have access to the services of a wealth of extremely talented motivational speakers.

While some of these may be willing to undertake a booking in response to a direct enquiry, more commonly, they will prefer to leave the responsibility of handling their engagements to an intermediary. In this role, the Marie Grey & Associates Bureau has rapidly established itself as a leader in the industry. It is not an agency agreeing to promote the services of selected presenters for a commission but an advisory service that will undertake to suggest and procure the most suitable presenter for a given event.

In this endeavour, the organisation is not only able to provide its clients with access to the largest number of local presenters but, quite exclusively in South Africa, it can also procure the services of an equally impressive selection of international talent. Regardless of the business and its specific needs, Marie Grey & Associates will endeavour to locate and retain the services of acknowledged experts in the appropriate field and brief them on the client’s needs.

In the business world, the most pressing need is often to find ways to improve the performance of a sales or production team and, appropriately, the bureau offers access to the insights of some of the nation’s most successful business leaders. Half an hour spent in the company of an inspiring motivational speaker such as Clem Sunter, Dr Gert Cruywagen or Tony Cross can be guaranteed to prove considerably more effective than weeks of promises, threats and ear-bending by a desperate sales manager or production supervisor.

The many benefits of these encounters are certainly not confined to commerce or to the private sector, however. In these times when many government departments are struggling to meet the required levels of service delivery, a session or two with a well-known personality who has been there, done it and now sports the T-shirt could prove to be exactly the spark that is needed to ignite the desired action.

The goal of such activity is not always to improve performance but may simply prove useful in creating the right atmosphere for a given event. Consequently many of the personnel retained through the bureau will be called upon to deliver a keynote address, perhaps to mark the opening of a conference of professionals and to set its theme.

Similarly, there is nothing to say that the tone of such an event must be a consistently serious one. Increasingly, many organisers are now finding that the services of a comedian to function as master of ceremonies on these occasions is exactly what is required to create a balance more acceptable to the delegates and so more conducive to the success of the event.

From a US astronaut to South Africa’s business leaders and its kings and queens of comedy, the bureau’s list of inspiring motivational speakers is certainly impressive.

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