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Boost Any Event with Skilled Motivational Speakers

It is often said that actions speak louder than words, but anyone who has ever attended an event and been stirred by a skilled motivational speaker would be the first to admit that this depends entirely on the quality of the words. Just as a little encouragement from a parent can help a child to pass tests, score goals or ignore the pain of a fall; the carefully chosen phrases of a skilled orator can inspire achievements on the part of an adult that he or she may have previously thought unattainable.

Today, when so many of South African’s citizens are still experiencing the effects of austerity following the global financial recession, the need for that type of inspiration has seldom been greater. Although sales managers, supervisors and team leaders of all kinds have invariably attained their positions because of their exceptional performance and knowledge of their jobs, they are only rarely endowed with the inspirational qualities of a true leader. Confronted with poor performance, too often the standard response is to highlight the unpleasant consequences of failure and quite often to resort to threats of disciplinary action or dismissal.

There are, of course, also leaders who prefer to adopt a less authoritarian approach – a carrot rather than a stick! The favoured tactic will be to introduce some form of incentive scheme designed to reward good performance. For those with a genuine belief in their ability to succeed, it can work well. Sadly, for those who lack that belief, it is more often perceived as just one more unreachable goal.
In recent years, however, events in which one of the nation’s leading motivational speakers is invited to participate have proven to be far more effective than either carrots or sticks. These are individuals who have learned from first-hand experience that life’s battles are actually fought, and either won or lost, in the mind. Significantly, they are also individuals who have achieved exceptional success and who, more importantly, have often also experienced a number of failures but have chosen to be inspired by them rather than disillusioned. An encounter with such a person and an insight into his or her personal experiences can prove to be an invaluable, life-changing experience.

Marie Grey & Associates is a Johannesburg-based bureau that represents some of the nation’s most successful people from all walks of life. Its start-studded line up is exceptionally diverse and consists of business leaders, sporting personalities, entertainers and more. Most importantly, however divergent their loves and backgrounds may be, they all share one thing in common. Each one possesses that very rare ability to inspire others to pursue their own success with renewed energy, purpose and confidence.

The bureau differs from many others that offer this type of service as, not only does it have access to all of the top local presenters, it is also uniquely positioned to procure the services of some prominent international personalities also. Imagine the impact if, at your next event, New York’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani, hero of the 9/11 aftermath, was the motivational speaker chosen to address your staff. Not only could you find yourself nominated for the “Boss of the Year” award but, quite possibly, your newly fired-up sales team could achieve similar honours for your company.

From their local portfolio, the Marie Grey & Associates bureau is able to arrange a session with the likes of Clem Sunter, Tim Modise and Marks Maponyane. Of course, the dialogue does not have to be totally serious in order to be effective and many of the bureau’s clients have discovered to their delight that comedy can also serves as a powerful tool with which to get a strong message across. It is amazing how much more receptive an audience becomes when amused and relaxed, Perhaps, for your next sales conference, someone such as Chris Forrest, Riaad Moosa, Tumi Morake or Barry Hilton could prove to be the perfect catalyst with which to set the mood for some more serious business or maybe as the means to relieve some of the tension between sessions.

Effective though these engagements actually are, much of that initial hype will eventually wane without some positive reinforcement and where success may be taking a little longer than hoped further intervention is often a good idea; rather like taking an aspirin when you sense a headache is imminent.

Marie Grey & Associates can arrange further sessions with the same or alternative motivational speakers for any event.

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