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Motivational Speakers in South Africa


A Few Situations You Might Need Funny Motivational Speakers in South Africa

The purpose of the motivational speaker is manifold – they need to capture the attention of their audience and boost their morale, leaving them with an upsurge in confidence. What’s more, long sessions can quickly lead to boredom, which certainly does not suit the requirements of South African motivational speakers. This is where the approach with humour comes into play. These speakers are able to incorporate humour in a subtle way that does not take away from their message, but keeps the audience engaged. They can include a series of funny quotes throughout the session that will capture and retain the attention of their audience.

In this instance, the crowd’s interest will be piqued and they will automatically be more receptive to the speech that is delivered by the speaker. The speaker will be able to carefully capture the attention of his or her audience in order to impart the required information or teachings that will contribute to building up the confidence of the crowd and boost the morale of the room. Here are a few instances where a humorous and funny motivational speaker can play an effective role in your business:

Organisation Seminars and the Like

It would seem as though a new trend in the South African motivational speakers industry among corporate companies is to seek out reputed funny motivational speakers who are able to increase their staff’s morale and boost the confidence of their employees. Many companies have found that these sessions are effective in the drastic increase of productivity among the organisation’s staff. These sessions also proved to increase the quality of life for employees both at their workplaces and at home.

Imparting Wisdom and Inspiration to Youth

Talented motivational speakers can really be of help to students. The uncertain economic climate, increasing competition in the marketplace and rising tuition fees are all incredible stress factors for students. Studies have shown that these and other stress factors can negatively impact on students’ academic progress and can lead to lower levels of self confidence among students. The motivational speaker can visit the educational institution and effectively boost the morale and confidence of students.

This can be done by a talented speaker who can create a funny ambience through various techniques, while still keeping the conversation and topic serious. It not only creates openness among the audience but also relieves the stress that a student is absorbing daily. If done properly the student will then become more receptive to grasping the true meaning of the speech that the speaker delivers. At the end of the talk, students will find them in a refreshed and inspired state of mind.

Inspiring the Disheartened

To many people, they find it very hard to stand back up in life after falling down. This can either be in their personal or professional life. A funny South African motivational speaker is able to relate to what South Africans are going through, or have gone through. Through a humorous take they can boost the morale of the masses. This can be done by sharing experiences of their own and going into the reasons behind the significant changes they were able to effect in their own lives.  The audience will find themselves to be refreshed and ridding themselves of negative mental stress.

Regardless of the situation, hiring a funny motivational speaker that owns the ability to instantly capture the attention of the listener will get the point across and leave your attendees inspired and motivated. These professionals are all experienced in relating to people from all walks of life. At Marie Grey & Associates, we represent the best in South African motivational speakers and Masters of Ceremonies. All our speakers are experienced professionals who are able to connect with their audiences and carry the message home. We represent keynote speakers, inspirational speakers, gifted motivational and business speakers and even economists and speakers on ecology.

Our vast network of keynote speakers can address your employees and organisation on hot topics such as leadership, managing change, teamwork, sales and service, strategy, communication, conflict resolution and keeping your team motivated, and many other topics. For the best talent in the motivational speakers market in South Africa, contact us today.

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