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Looking for Master of Ceremonies


Finding a Great Master of Ceremonies for Your Next Event

When looking for a master of ceremonies for your next event, be it a wedding, conference, birthday party or end of year function, you need one that can wear multiple hats. A professional master of ceremonies has to play many roles – they need to be prepared, spontaneous and relatable, and all this in front of large and sometimes unforgiving audiences. It can quickly turn into a very awkward situation if your MC is a nervous wreck unable to communicate or relate with your crowd!

When looking for a Master of Ceremonies for your event, the speaker will need to exhibit the following qualities and wear these cloaks:

  • A General: An experienced Master of Ceremonies should be able to control the audience. This can present specific challenges at dinner parties or at functions where drinks and alcohol is served. However, getting the crowd to quiet down and pay attention is a valuable and essential skill. This not only allows the function to run like clockwork, but it is a definite mark of a professional MC.
  • Be a connector: The MC will also need to connect to the audience with the different speakers, with the introduction and the outro – which is the comments that directly follows the speaker. They need to be able to seamlessly lead the event from one segment to the next.
  • Be a thermostat: This might sound silly at first, but a good MC should style their approach to reflect the audience’s temperature. Talented Masters of Ceremonies are thermometers – they are able to alter the audience’s temperature to fit with the next segment or speaker.
  • Be a star maker: Even though the MC will need to be a large presence in the room in order to command the attention of the audience, they aren’t the ‘main act.’ Talented MCs have the ability to help the speakers be the true stars of the event. This could include having to rewrite any choppy or lengthy biographical intro or even providing a confidence building hint to help the speaker on. The professional MC knows that it is their job to make the speakers of the event shine as best they can.
  • Tradition expert: Certain events just call for the correct traditions and protocols. This is especially important at events that involve officials or dignitaries, or a religious ceremony. There are many occasions and organisations that have cherished traditions which should be honoured and respected. The MC will also need to be a master of tradition.
  • Mastering the stage: When all is said and done, the Master of Ceremonies should have the ultimate say in the lighting, sound and audio visual set up of the event. The reason for this is simply because it will be he or she who will need to deal with any possible malfunctions while the event is on-going. While it is not necessary for the MC to be a lighting or sound engineer, he or she will need to know enough to get the most out of the performance space that is available, and to give the technicians instructions in the event that something does go awry.
  • Master of programming: One of the most important characteristics that any professional MC should possess is the ability to master programming. He or she must be able to think on their feet. Easily rearrange, reschedule, delay and provide fill-in segments where necessary. Even though everything can be planned to the T, it is still possible for unforeseen circumstances to impact the event and its schedule.


If you are looking for a professional, then Marie Grey & Associates can help you. We represent South Africa’s top professional speakers. With more than two decades’ of experiences, we have become synonymous with top business and conference speakers and gifted inspirational and motivational speakers.

We also represent the best speakers on ecology and the plant, economists, global adventurers, political analysts, sports legends and the very best Masters of Ceremonies in South Africa. We can assist you in selecting the best keynote speakers for your event and help you to pull off a successful event that will have people talking for the right reasons. Contact us for professional Masters of Ceremonies across South Africa today.

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