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Keynote Speakers


Taking a Look at Keynote Speakers

If you are hosting a business event you will likely need a keynote speaker to take care of some of the more important aspects of your meeting. There will be people gathered to get a particular message or to discuss a particular issue, so the role of this individual is to get the audience together, get their undivided attention and allow for your message to get through to them effectively and successfully.

A keynote speaker is often compared to a motivational speaker, but they are not the same at all. A motivational speaker addresses the audience and work with them to inspire and motivate them. Businesses often use these speakers to help motivate their employees to work harder and be more productive. This is a great way to accomplish that, since motivational speakers are very popular and they are being used all over the globe. Motivational speakers can be hired to address your employees more than once, in fact many organisations hire them a few times a year to constantly work with your employees and keep them motivated and productive.

A keynote speaker is different; his or her job is not to motivate the audience, but to rather make sure that your event goes as planned and smooth, while delivering your key message to your audience. They basically act on your behalf and handle your audience effectively and professionally. They are usually hired at important company events such as product launches, annual meetings, and year end functions. They play an important role in ensuring that your event goes smoothly and effortlessly. A benefit of a professional keynote speaker is that they are able to read an audience almost immediately and connect with them in a unique way so that they have their attention throughout the presentation. Usually a business will have a message to convey to the audience, or an important piece of information regarding a particular product or service that the company offers. This can be done with the help of these speakers.

In addition to handling an audience, the professional you choose will be able to provide some of the best resources as they are likely a trainer, consultant or business owner with a wealth of experiences to share. These individuals are experts at what they do and they all have a story to tell regarding their path to success. This is important because if your audience can learn something from the speaker they will receive value and this is always a great benefit to provide them with as it can help to motivate them in a unique way. People want to familiarise themselves with the person on stage, and this is the best way to accomplish this. The person you choose to work with should have a bubbly personality and be able to relate to anyone, on any level. This is something that not everyone has, so try to choose your speaker carefully.

There are many reasons why you should hire a professional. Firstly, you need someone that can read your audience. If you have a person who immediately can fit in with any environment you are already halfway there. As any atmosphere can change instantly you need someone that can adapt quickly and capture an audience. When choosing a professional to work with, always make sure that he or she will be able to connect with the audience and keep them entertained while they are listening to a presentation or speech.

Many businesses value this ability and hire people that can get the job done. A keynote speaker plays a very important role in your company’s event as he or she will bring the crowd and the message together. It forms a huge part of any evening and if the speaker can relate to the audience and vice versa, you have a very good chance on success.

Marie Grey & Associates is registered with the IASB and provide top quality keynote speakers to businesses for all types of events. Our team has worked with small and large businesses throughout South Africa and we pride ourselves on the quality of the services we offer. Some of our best speakers include Ashley Hayden, Shurnell Anderson, David Campese and Gary Baily.

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