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Motivational Seminars South Africa


Inspire Your Team with Motivational Seminars in South Africa

In any business or corporate environment there is the need to keep your staff members motivated, goal focused and working together towards a common outcome. In the workplace aggravations may arise, personalities might clash and teams might become tired and despondent. If you want to keep your staff members motivated, eager and refreshed, then you should consider arranging for them to attend motivational seminars in South Africa.

At Marie Grey & Associates we can organise such seminars where your team is addressed by various leading public speakers who have experience in helping individuals to realise their strength and abilities and put them to good use. Our speakers are qualified, experienced and certainly able to drive the message home.

You can consider great potential speakers for your gathering such as:

  • Kate Emmerson – Considered to be SA’s de-clutter specialist, Kate Emmerson can motivate individuals to remove excess troubles and clutter from their path and strive to be better and more driven versions of who they are right now.
  • Janie du Plessis – As a well-known model, television celebrity and breast cancer survivor, Janie du Plessis offers a humorous approach and encourages her audience to take responsibility for their futures and tackle problems and hurdles head on.
  • Abner Mariri – With his infectious enthusiasm, Abner Mariri is able to inspire hard work, passion, determination and persistence in his audience by providing them with real life examples and advice.


These are just three of the speakers that you can choose to host an inspirational workshop for your team or audience. We are able to present you with other great options too, such as Annette Jahnel, John Mitchell, Lewis Gordon Pugh and even David Grier to name but a few. If you aren’t sure which person would be best to hire for your gathering, chat to our consultants who will ensure that you are provided with detailed portfolios on each speaker and what they have to offer. Once you have decided on who to hire you will be able to provide them with a brief on your audience and the desired end result.

When planning motivational seminars in South Africa it is best to allow us to help you to plan everything as much as possible. We have many years of experience in the field and want nothing more than for your seminar or event to be an absolute success.

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