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Economist Speaker


Hiring the Right Economist Speaker for Your Event

If you are hosting a conference or gathering where economics is the topic of the event, then hiring a professional and experienced economist speaker should be on the top of your to-do list. With these types of functions or events it is best to present the audience or delegates with a talk that is informative, interesting and entertaining. At Marie Grey & Associates we can assist you in selecting the ideal public speaking professional to attend your function and make a powerful address that will not be forgotten.

When seeking out the best public speaking professionals in this particular field to address your delegates, you are bound to find the following profiles of interest:

  • Dr Iraj Abedian – was the professor of economics at the University of Cape Town and then joined Standard Bank as the Group Chief Economist.
  • Dr Roelof Botha – follows a successful career in financial journalism, research, management accounting and so on.
  • JP Landman – self-employed analyst of politics and trends. He focuses his attention on social capital, economics and the various trends seen in political dealings.
  • Mike Schussler – positive motivator when it comes to the South African economy. He is a sought after economist and requested to speak at many business functions.

Of course there are other public figures that are able to make a presentation or address on such matters successfully and with confidence. These include the likes of Leon Louw, Lynette Ntuli, and Daniel Silke and so on.

At Marie Grey & Associates we are a team that has over 20 years of experience in this particular field.  We will ensure that you are provided with detailed profiles on each of the speakers that interest you. This will help you to make your final decision easier. You will be put in touch with your chosen speaker in order to go over the details of the event and the type of address or talk that you want presented. Of course we will do everything possible to ensure that your event or function is an absolute success.

While all of our public speaking professionals are detailed on our website for you to peruse, we also encourage you to contact us to discuss your particular needs and requirements and chat about the options and rates that we have available to you. When seeking out an economist speaker waste no time in chatting to us – we will provide you with the assistance that you require.

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