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Speakers for Seminars


Expert Inspiring Public Speakers for Seminars

Many companies hosting gatherings, conferences, functions and similar will seek out professional public speakers for seminars. These professionals will be able to address the audience with a speech or presentation that is interesting, relevant and captivating. When hosting such an event you will not want your delegates or audience members to be bored or disinterested, and this is why it is vitally important to find someone who they are able to identify with or look up to, to make the address.

At Marie Grey & Associates we can assist you with matching up the perfect presenter or speaker for your particular function or gathering. We have sought-after public figures and presenters on our portfolio including the likes of Ashley Hayden, Gary Bailey, Barry Hilton, Peter Ndoro, Kobus Wiese and many more. Of course you can approach us with your desired objectives and we can assist you with selecting the right candidates for the task. You will find that our repertoire is able to cover a vast variety of topics such as adventure, arts, branding, business skills, conflict resolution, comedy, entrepreneurship, financial strategies, health, HIV/AIDS, motivation and inspiration, transformations, woman’s issues, technology and so much more.

We offer the market 20 years of experience in this particular industry and guarantee not only great rates, but a phenomenal service too, to each and every one of our clients. You will find that our team will go beyond the call of duty to ensure that your function or event is an absolute success.

We suggest that you chat to us in advance about your event so as to avoid potential disappointment. Many of the individuals on our listing work for other agencies too, so it is imperative to book the services you require as quickly as possible. We provide our clients with portfolios on each public figure or presenter that they are interested in and once booked, you can provide a full brief on what you want done and the message that you want portrayed.

When planning an event of this type it is best to go over the common interests of the audience and what you want them to take away from, or learn from a presentation. Then you can begin seeking out individuals who might be experts in this particular field and have positive and inspiring input to offer. When seeking out speakers for seminars of any kind, allow our team at Marie Grey & Associates to assist.

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