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Master of Ceremonies


Why Hire a Professional Master of Ceremonies?

The professional Master of Ceremonies can be described as the conductor of the events for a particular occasion. Just as the classical orchestra cannot properly function without a skilled conductor so will a wedding, business or celebrity function be without any clear direction if you don’t have a skilled person at the wheel.


The MC’s main responsibility is to serve as host and as such the person will have professional compose and will have an undeniable presence ensuring that the audience will listen to the announcements. Without such a person the program may not run as you hoped for and certainly not within the allocated timeframe. The professional MC will be able to introduce the important guests in an appropriate manner and will be well-prepared for the occasion.

Notably the person of professional stature will confirm the purpose of the function and discuss the agenda with organisers in detail. Such an MC will go the extra mile to enquire as to the names and positions of the special guests and will certainly not miss any important thank you messages to the persons.


It is thus important to consider who you will hire as Master of Ceremonies since you will want a person that is energetic, sincere, and able to lead, announce, control and captivate. The audience must be taken through an entertaining journey allowing them to relax because they can be confident that the MC will guide them through the event.

Ideal Person

The ideal MC will arrive early to finish any last minute discussions and will ensure that all participants to be announced are at the event. The person will stick with the agenda and will know exactly what is supposed to happen, how, and when. The idea behind the MC is to ensure that every activity for the function will be announced in time and also to ensure that every aspect of the event will be completed within the allocated timeframe.

Where to Find the MC

By investing in a professional MC, you thus virtually ensure the success of the event. His or her skills and ability to ensure a delightful and smooth event will be worth the investment. Do avoid fly by night MCs. Note that any person can place an advert and put the word professional in the advertisement.

You will want to ensure that the person has a track record of being an MC and that there is an organisation that is willing to back the person. As such always hire through a public speaker bureau such as Marie Grey & Associates. The speakers are already screened and the company will not associate with a speaker that is not reputable and suitable for the particular event.

How to Decide

Determine the style of the event. Is it a wedding, matric farewell, business product launch or an exhibition of some kind? The Toastmaster is an MC suitable for speaking at and leading the activities at weddings and formal dinners.  The Compère is associated with linking speakers or entertainers through introductions at events such as conventions and seminars. The idea is to ensure direction for the event. The MC is the same as the Compère, but with the additional function of coordinating all the events for the evening in front of the people.

Book the right person for your event and ensure that it will be a resounding success. Our consultants can assist you in the choice of speaker.

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