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Book Business Speakers


Book Business Speakers that will Inspire your Team

If you want keynote speakers that will deliver more than just the normal, but speeches that deliver a punch then you need to book business speakers that can deliver. Unfortunately, statistics and exceptional knowledge of the economic environment are not always exciting and for top level managers having heard it all before, something new is required.

Out of the Box Thinkers

The speaker should be able to communicate at the level of the audience and should find it easy to deliver essential messages in a relaxing, yet, professional manner that will be remembered. Far too many desk-bound workers and even company executives leave conferences, workshops and conventions without ever having gained anything from sitting for a few hours listening to speakers addressing them.

Attention Grabbing Communication

Only if you get people excited and get their attention will they not only listen, but take the message and run with it. To do so, require skill and the ability to relate familiar situations. In addition, the speaker should be respected and be more than just a skilled verbal communicator, but someone that has been there and speaks of experience.

Such a breed is rare, but can be found in South Africa where they use from hunting stories to examples from nature to motivate, inspire, and uplift. They don’t miss the object and certainly tie all together to ensure that the speech delivered will be relevant to the specific audience’s daily business lives.

Professional Speeches

The speakers that can be booked through Marie Grey & Associates, the leading Professional Speakers Bureau in South Africa have mastered the art of conversing with the audience in a captivating manner. They are able to bring otherwise dull subjects to life, leaving the audience with food for thought. Indeed, don’t be surprised if the delegates to your meeting cannot wait to get up and implement what they have heard immediately.

The speakers can assist your company with information regarding global economy, technology, sales, service delivery, leadership, and conflict resolution. Other areas of interest include that of team work, motivation, effective project management, strategy development, communication, and also business modelling. Entrepreneurship is one of the topic areas loved by delegates and topics such as the Consumer Protection Act, BEE related topics and other can also be addressed.

Well-known persons and experts such as Robin Banks, Justin Cohen and Leon Louw form part of the portfolio of public speakers.

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