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Motivational Presentations


Motivational Presentations – Have a Professional Guest Speaker Address Your Team

Being the leader of a team is all about having control, without the lack of respect. A respected leader will be able to direct, motivate and advise their team members while driving them to success. Motivational presentations have long since been a great way to encourage team members to act as such, and also to ensure that everyone is feeling inspired to pick them-selves up and achieve their goals each month.

At Marie Grey and Associates we strive to ensure that each of our clients and groups are provided with an address or speech from someone that the group can look up to. Choosing your guest speaker wisely is very important as you are going to want someone who the team strives to be like, or can relate to. You can choose someone who has experience in the field, is a public figure that has achieved many accomplishments or even well known comedians as they can drive their message home with a little humour that isn’t easily forgotten.

When seeking out the best speakers to present a topic, or to address your team or business, take the time to chat to the consultants at Marie Grey and Associates. We can provide you with access to top names in the industry such as Gary Bailey, Barry Hilton, JP Landman, Peter Ndoro, Craig Mischief, Poppy Ntshongwana and Liezel Van der Westhuizen to name but a few. When approaching our team for help you can expect to be provided with the personal profiles on each of the guest speakers that we feel would best suit your needs and requirements.

We will ensure that you are provided with a breakdown of the experience that they have as well as the rate that you can expect to pay for them to attend your function. If there is someone specific that you are looking for, simply inquire with one of our team members and we will go out of our way to ensure that this person is acquired for your function or event. Of course you want your function to go off as a great success and we want the exact same thing. As a result you can expect for us to pay attention to your needs and ensure that we are always available to service these.

Take the time to consider your options with regards to public and guest speakers and ensure that your team will enjoy and learn from an address of this nature. The Marie Grey and Associates team is standing by to assist you in any way possible when you are in need of professional motivational presentations.

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