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Book Conference Speakers


Book Conference Speakers – Things to Keep in Mind

There are a few facts that you need to keep in mind when you need to book conference speakers. The first and most important factor is relevance. A conference speaker needs to be able to deliver an address that is relevant to your topic for the conference as well as do so in a manner that is relevant to your conference. For example, you wouldn’t choose a comedian to deliver an address regarding the financial status of your company in a serious setting for your stake holders.

You also need to consider time constraint when you book conference speakers. First calculate the amount of time you have available for the entire conference and then see how long you would like the speaker to address the audience. If the conference lasts more than one day it would be more suitable to get more than one speaker to deliver different speeches to prevent the audience from getting bored with the information.

Remember to include breaks for refreshments as well as breakfast, lunch and even dinner for all day conferences. Make sure that the cooked conference speakers are aware of when these breaks should take place so that they can time their speeches accordingly. A tired and hungry audience will become fidgety and will not pay attention to what the different speakers have to say.

Line your speakers up in accordance with their subject matter and the way in which they will address the audience. For instance, start with a light hearted subject with some entertaining factors so that the conference delegates look forward to the rest of the conference. You can then intersperse this with more serious subject matter from speakers who may struggle to capture and then hold the audience’s attention.

Ensure that you book your conference speakers way in advance of your event date. Conference speakers are normally very busy people with a number of engagements which may mean that you won’t be able to book their services if you leave it to the last minute. Find out whether the conference speaker you choose is available through a booking company or if they take care of their own engagement schedule. A well managed conference speaker will be easier to book than a speaker who runs their own bookings. You can find these types of managing agents for conference speakers by doing a simple search on the internet.

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