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Conference Speaker


Where To Look When You Need To Book A Conference Speaker

Hosting a conference or corporate function can be quite a stressful experience, especially if you need to provide a guest speaker or entertainment. For conferences, public speakers and motivational speakers are often chosen for this particular task. Having a conference speaker attend your event is essential if you want to capture the interest of your audience. This is always much easier to do when your audience has a common interest or goal in mind.

Choosing a conference speaker can be tough, especially if you want the services of a speaker that will be recognised by the public. Many people aren’t sure where to turn for this, and this is where we come in. At Marie Grey and Associates we present an extensive list of guest speakers and public speakers to the South African market.

How to Book a Conference Speaker

When looking to book a conference speaker, it is best to try make your choice as wisely as possible. Knowing how to book a speaker is quite a skill. Knowing the general common interest of your audience will help. Once you have determined this you can expect to be able to browse through speaker profiles and gather advice from our informative and knowledgeable staff members about each speaker. This will help you to match speakers up with the needs, requirements and expectations of your guests and audience.

When looking to book a conference speaker you can expect for our staff members to be attentive to your needs and to piece together a package that meets with the constraints of your budget. At Marie Grey and Associates we represent the likes of Gary Bailey, Barry Hilton, Robin Banks and so many more. Many of the names that we represent are recognised by the general South African public. You will have complete peace of mind that your conference entertainment is in the hands of a reliable and trustworthy team.

Take the time to browse through our offerings and chat to one our team members about your expectations and requirements. We believe in providing our clients with a valuable and top quality service at all times. Not only do we provide our clients with access to the best conference speakers, but also represent a variety of the country’s best key note speakers, master of ceremonies, business speakers, comedians and motivational speakers. Cost effective rates, value for money and a world class service will ensure that you are provide with nothing short of the absolute best – book your function or conference entertainment with Marie Grey and Associates without delay.  

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