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Motivational Speakers Johannesburg


Inspirational Woman Motivational Speakers In Johannesburg

The media in South Africa are constantly making us aware of the glass ceiling that women in business face despite the efforts made by government to push for equality in the workplace. Many people blame this on the fact the main focus of equality does not place enough emphasis in the role of women in business and rather on Black Economic Empowerment. Despite this, there are many women who not only make a go of business in South Africa but have achieved great success in their endeavours.

These women are not however focused solely on their own careers and often offer their services as motivational speakers in Johannesburg to inspire other woman to new heights.

Recently one of the greatest woman in South Africa, Albertina Sisulu or better known as ‘Ma’ Sisulu passed away. Although this woman would never have considered herself as one of the many motivational speakers in Johannesburg, men and women hung on her every word to find the pearls of wisdom from someone who made such a huge impact on the way in which woman are viewed in South Africa.

But this was not Ma Sisulu’s greatest feat in life and her true inspiration for people of all ages was her ability to be a loving wife and successful mother to her family at the same time as promoting women’s rights.

Ma Sisulu came from small beginnings and lived a tough life under apartheid rule and if she could achieve so much, there is no excuse for any girl growing up in a free South Africa to achieve success. The problem with achieving this success, however, often lies with a lack of motivation. Women motivational speakers can assist in affecting a change in this by inspiring people with messages of hope and their own stories of how they rose to success despite any hardships that they faced.

These types of motivational speakers can also fulfil a dual purpose in affecting change and inspiration in both the personal and professional lives of woman. Every woman can do with a bit of inspiration and advice on how to get through the difficulties of being a wife, mother and business woman and achieving success in all these areas of their lives.

To assist in inspiring women in South Africa to keep reaching new heights and achieving better with a bit of help from women motivational speakers in Johannesburg, please contact us.

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