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Comedic Motivational Speakers


Booking Comedic Motivational Speakers In South Africa

One of the most inspiring comedians to hit the scene in the last few years is Riaad Moosa. He not only completed his medical degree but ran a successful practice before leaving it all behind to follow his dream of becoming a stand up comedian. While many others in professional careers fail to succeed in entering into the entertainment industry, Riaad has made a total success as a stand up comedian. All these factors make this comedian one of the best choices in comedic motivational speakers.

Another of the great comedic motivational speakers to recently become recognised In South Africa is Trevor Noah. In the last two years he has quickly become recognised as a great comedian addressing both corporate and public audiences. His comedy is interlaced with wit and intelligence making him the stand out amongst other professional comedic motivational speakers.

Trevor Noah may be new to the industry but he has already made his mark in a number of countries around the world and at many shows including appearances on television.

A slightly less well known of the comedic motivational speakers is Wolfgang Riebe. Wolfgang sports amongst his many other talents the skills of an illusionist. Through his comedy and illusion, this comedic motivational speaker offers advice on life that he has gained through his own experiences.

He offers a wide range of topics to suit the various requirements of the corporate environment from leadership skills to creating passion in the work place. Wolfgang Riebe is a great choice as a comedic motivational speaker if you are looking for something outside the norm that will give you the benefit of an educational experience.

To book any of these or other comedic motivational speakers to add some pizzazz to your next event, conference or function, please contact us today.

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