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Guest Speaker Speeches

If you have been invited to be a guest speaker somewhere, your speech needs to be one that is amazing. When you stand and deliver your presentation, you want to impress those listening. This means your speech should be well organized, clear and informative, and perfectly presented with just a touch of humour at times. If you have the jitters over being the guest speaker, take a deep breath. This article will roll out a few easy tips to help you prepare your speech.

First, think about what makes a good speech. Have you ever read a really good story? What made the book a page-turner? The best book you have ever read had a huge problem to solve and what kept you reading was the process you were carried through while piecing together the answers.

Well, there are a few similarities between writing a book or a speech, beginning with the outline of your speech. When it comes to the mechanics, proper grammar, spelling and the other technical know-how’s of writing, you don’t have to worry so much about. What you do need to focus on, however, is to get the outline of your story right.  Base the outline on an idea of what you want to say and then hang the detail from the right points in the outline.
Bring the listeners to you on the very first opening line. Smile at them and let them know you are happy for the opportunity of giving this speech. Talk about familiar things to just grab their attention. Next, move on to a little personal information but make sure it all relates to why you are there in the first place. Do not chase a trail and get off track. Make sure everything you say is related to your overall speech.

In reality, a good speech for a guest speaker is one that cements your words in the minds and hearts of all those who heard you talk. You can do this by a repeat process. A repeat process is simply laying the foundation of your speech by describing your main points, detail the main points, then close with a quick summery of your main thoughts.

Closing your speech is generally easier than the opening introduction. A good way to close your talk might be with humour because the last impression is what stays in the minds of everyone. 

You may want to use the ending summary to include prompts for discussion. If the listeners have sincerely enjoyed their guest speaker, they may have tons of questions or comments for you. This is really what you want because if they are talking to you, you know you speech was really good.

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